Pallabi blast: Family claims Shahidul detained on July 27

30 Jul 2020 18:34, Somoy English Desk
Pallabi blast: Family claims Shahidul detained on July 27
Pallabi blast: Family claims Shahidul detained on July 27

One of the ‘so-called’ hitmen who were held before the explosion at Pallabi Police Station in the capital was arrester much earlier, claimed his family.

Family members of Shahidul claimed that the Detective Branch of police picked him up in the afternoon of July 27 although police said they arrested Shahidul and two others from Pallabi Graveyard area along with two pistols, bullets and a weight machine-like object in the early hours of July 29.

The DB also claimed that the trio had no link with militancy. However, it ducked the question about the claim of the arrest on July 27.

One of Shahidul’s family members said a team of people identifying them as DB men picked him up from a tea shop of their area at 3:52pm on July 27. Shahidul’s father-in-law witnessed the arrest.

He said they contacted the local police station but they said they did not arrest anyone named Shahidul. Later, they filed a general diary in this regard.

He also claimed that the drama of firearm recovery and bomb explosion was staged keeping him confined to the police station.

The family member also said they collected the CCTV footage of the DB men picking Shahidul.

Asked about the family’s claim, a DB official, while briefing reporters at the Mintoo Road office on Thursday morning, parried the question.

He only said the three arrested ‘hitmen’ have no connection with militancy.

Five people, including four policemen, were injured in the explosion inside the police station.


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