Corona infections might see rise for flood, Eid: Minister

31 Jul 2020 01:00, Somoy English Desk
Corona infections might see rise for flood, Eid: Minister
Corona infections might see rise for flood, Eid: Minister

Health Minister Zahid Maleque on Thursday expressed the fear that the number of coronavirus infections might see a rise again due to the ongoing flood and Eid-ul-Azha.

He made the apprehension while speaking at a programme at the Health Ministry in the morning.

The minister said people are thronging cattle markets while flood victims are taking shelter together which will increase the number of infections.

He also said 60 percent coronavirus-dedicated beds while half of the intensive care unit (ICU) beds at hospitals are still vacant due to proper measures taken by the government. 

Zahild Maleque claimed that the country’s health sector is now on the right track to fight against coronavirus although it took some time to understand the situation at the beginning.

He said the central oxygen system was only available at Dhaka Medical College Hospital earlier but now it has been installed at around 70 hospitals at the district level.

Hundreds of physicians are providing treatment for Covid-19 through telemedicine service, the minister said, adding that treatment is being provided at corona-dedicated hospitals following the latest advice of the World Health Organization resulting in the fall of infections.

Asked about the decrease in the number of coronavirus tests, he said people’s reluctance, flood and an end to taking the test without any symptom might be the reasons behind it.

Zahid Maleque also said 30,000 nurses will be appointed in the days to come.


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