'Over 70pc Bollywood celebrities take drugs'

01 Sep 2020 13:08, Somoy English Desk
'Over 70pc Bollywood celebrities take drugs'
'Over 70pc Bollywood celebrities take drugs'

The ongoing investigation into the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has exposed the closely-guarded Bollywood-drug nexus to the fore.                                 

In connection with the ongoing CBI probe into Sushant's girlfriend and actress Rhea Chakraborty's link with an alleged drug peddler, an insider has told Zee Media in an exclusive conversation that over 70 percent of the Bollywood celebrities take drugs.

The informer also revealed that MD is the most famous drug amongst the Bollywood actors, while weed which is known as "ganja" in Hindi is popular amongst the television actors, reports Zee News.

As per the informer, the code name for expensive weed is dubies and the peddler has the code name AK 47.

Blueberry and strawberry Kush are famous amongst the rich people and are reportedly sold at Rs 5,000 per gram. 

The informer also disclosed that the peddlers of the Filmcity and Bandra Juhu areas are most active in providing intoxicants to the film fraternity.

He unveiled that celebrities never come forward to buy drugs and instead send their drivers, servants or staff to deal with the peddlers.

"Sometimes they also talk in codewords," told the informer adding that he cannot name the film clients at the moment.

According to him, there are two big names in the drugs business in Mumbai - 'Chinku Pathan' in the South Mumbai area, whereas, 'Imma' operates in the posh areas like Bandra and Juhu. 

In the exclusive interview with Zee Media, the informer also said that a person named Meeraj runs the drug business in the Filmcity area.

"Some women are also involved in the supply of drugs."

"These costly drugs arrive in Mumbai through roads from Gujarat and Punjab besides direct supply from foreign lands. When the stock arrives in the city, it is distributed between the small peddlers in retail quantities," added the informer. 

"People in the film world mostly buy drugs in large quantity," stated the informer.

Meanwhile, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is been interrogating Rhea Chakraborty for more than 5 hours now and has also been asked to sit face to face with Samuel Miranda for about 1 hour, say sources. 

Rhea who has been accused of abetting Sushant's suicide was also grilled by the central probe agency on August 28 for over 10 hours.

Sushant was found dead at his residence in Bandra on June 14, sparking a furore in Bollywood and political circles with multiple agencies entering the fray. The 34-year old actor's family blamed the Chakraborty family for his death and allegedly swindling Rs 15 crore from his bank account with Rhea denying all the accusations.


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