Efforts on so no one starves amid pandemic: PM

16 Oct 2020 17:18, Somoy English Desk
Efforts on so no one starves amid pandemic: PM
Efforts on so no one starves amid pandemic: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday said the government is working to attain the nutrition security along with the food security.

While addressing an international seminar organised marking the World Food Day, she also said it is the Awami League government which established Bangladesh as a country of food surplus pulling it out of the food crisis.

The prime minister joined the programme remotely from her official residence Ganobhaban.

Sheikh Hasina also said steps will continue so that no one starves due to the food shortage during this coronavirus pandemic.

She said the production of paddy and rice was as per the demand even amid flood and disasters. “Bangladesh didn’t face the food crisis due to its strategy.”

The prime minister said most of the country’s 17 crore people are getting three meals a day due to government’s incentives and people’s high morale.

She said efforts are on to attain the nutrition security alongside food security.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh had to face calamities, storms and floods alongside coronavirus.

She urged all not to keep an inch of land uncultivated.

Mentioning that the crisis did not deepen following the government’s announcement of stimulus packages for various sector, including the agriculture, the prime minister said the free food for poor programme will continue.


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