Bangladeshi hackers take down Charlie Hebdo site

28 Oct 2020 09:08, Somoy English Desk
Bangladeshi hackers take down Charlie Hebdo site
Bangladeshi hackers take down Charlie Hebdo site

Bangladeshi hackers had been able to take down the website of French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo, which published the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (SM).

Several thousand hackers started the attack around 9:30pm on Tuesday and they successfully took down the site after efforts of one and half an hours, one of the cyber experts told Somoy News wishing anonymity.

The exposition of cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (SM) in France and French President Emmanuel Macron’s defence of the right to show the cartoons triggered angry outrage across the Muslim world.

Some of the Muslim countries have already started boycotting French products.

Earlier, Bangladeshi hacker community ‘Cyber 71’ claimed to have hacked a number of commercial sites of France in protest against the French president’s comments.

The cyber attack was carried out from October 24 midnight.

One of its member said they have so far attacked 40-50 important commercial sites of France.

The original contents are missing from the compromised websites. Instead, there is a message of the hacker group which reads, “Preparation launched by Muslim hackers against France for insulting Prophet Muhammad (SM) and abusing Islam publicly.

A dangerous apocalypse is ahead for France cyberspace and we will continue the assault until you beg for forgiveness. Get ready.”

Songs in praise of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are now being played on these websites.

The backlash stems from comments made by Macron after the gruesome murder of a French teacher who showed cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in class.

The president said the teacher, Samuel Paty, "was killed because Islamists want our future", but France would "not give up our cartoons".


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