Biden leads with 227 electoral votes against Trump’s 204

04 Nov 2020 11:25, Somoy English Desk
Biden leads with 227 electoral votes against Trump’s 204
Biden leads with 227 electoral votes against Trump’s 204

Results from major swing states are pouring in as President Trump has notched victories in Texas, Ohio and Florida Tuesday night while Democratic nominee Joe Biden will take Arizona, the Fox News Decision Desk projects. 

But the results in many other major battleground states are still unclear after a contentious campaign that was rocked by the coronavirus pandemic.

Nearly all polls are closed in the United States as the hour gets late and the result of the presidential election is far from certain. But Trump and Biden are still both approaching 270 electoral votes as more and more states are called.

The Florida win for Trump was considered necessary for him to reach 270 electoral votes while the win for Biden in Arizona makes his path to 270 much clearer -- and the path for Trump significantly more difficult. 

Ohio, Georgia and North Carolina are considered to be some of the other critical states to Trump's path to victory. Meanwhile, states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan are among the most important to Biden.

Pennsylvania's meaty 20 electoral votes -- which may not be decided for days due to the time-consuming process of counting an unprecedented volume of mail-in votes -- are considered by many to be the votes that could put either Trump or Biden over the top. 

The Fox News Decision Desk projects that Biden will win Virginia; Vermont; Washington, D.C.; Delaware; Rhode Island; Connecticut; Illinois; Maryland; New Jersey; New York; Colorado; New Hampshire; California; Oregon; Washington state; Arizona; New Mexico; Hawaii and at least three of Maine's four electoral votes. That represents a total of 227 electoral votes. 

The Fox News Decision Desk also projects that Trump will win Kentucky; West Virginia; Alabama; Mississippi; Tennessee; Missouri; Arkansas Indiana; Kansas; Louisiana; Oklahoma; Wyoming; North Dakota; South Dakota; South Carolina; Utah; Idaho; Florida; Ohio; Texas; and at least four of Nebraska's five electoral votes. That represents a total of 204 electoral votes.


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