Five reasons for Biden’s win

08 Nov 2020 16:31, Somoy English Desk
Five reasons for Biden’s win
Five reasons for Biden’s win

After nearly 50 years in public office, and a lifetime of presidential ambitions, Joe Biden has finally captured the White House.

These are the five reasons he finally won the presidency.

1. Covid, Covid, Covid

Perhaps the biggest reason Biden won the presidency was something entirely out of his control.

The pandemic and the subsequent economic decline knocked Trump off his preferred campaign message of growth and prosperity. It also highlighted concerns that many Americans had about his presidency, over its occasional lack of focus, penchant for questioning science, haphazard handling of policies large and small, and prioritisation of the partisan.

2. Low-key campaign

Over the course of his political career, Biden established a well-earned reputation for talking himself into trouble.

In his third try for the Oval Office, Biden still had his share of verbal stumbles, but they were sufficiently infrequent that they never became more than a short-term issue.

3. Anyone but Trump

Biden bet his political fortunes on the contention that Trump was too polarising and too inflammatory, and what the American people wanted was calmer, steadier leadership.

Democrats succeeded in making this election a referendum on Trump, not a binary choice between the two candidates.

A Biden supporter holds balloons with the faces of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as she celebrates in Wilmington, Delaware, 7 November, 2020

4. Stay in the centre

During the campaign to be the Democratic candidate, Biden's competition came from his left, reports BBC.

Despite this pressure from his liberal flank, Biden stuck with a centrist strategy, refusing to back universal government-run healthcare, free college education, or a wealth tax. This allowed him maximise his appeal to moderates and disaffected Republicans during the general election campaign.

5. More money, fewer problems

From April onwards, the Biden campaign transformed itself into a fundraising juggernaut, and - in part because of profligacy on the part of the Trump campaign - ended up in a much stronger financial position than his opponent.

At the beginning of October, the Biden campaign had $144m more cash on hand than the Trump operation, allowing it to bury the Republicans in a torrent of television advertising in almost every key battleground state.


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