US reports nearly 2 lakh Covid cases in a day

20 Nov 2020 12:55, Somoy English Desk
US reports nearly 2 lakh Covid cases in a day
US reports nearly 2 lakh Covid cases in a day

The US which is buckling under Covid-19 continued to shatter the record for highest cases in a single day.

On Thursday, the country reported 192,186 cases to take the total tally to 12,070,712.

It registered 2,065 more Covid-related deaths during the period, bringing the death toll to 258,333, according to tracking website Worldometer.

On Wednesday, the US recorded 176,790 cases.

The country is reporting over 1.5 lakh cases daily for the last several days.
Numbers are headed in the wrong direction across the country, according to a CNN analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University.

Only one US state, Hawaii, is showing a decrease in new cases greater than 10% compared to the previous week. Five others -- Idaho, North Dakota, Iowa, Illinois and Arkansas -- are holding steady, while the remaining 44 states are showing increases in new cases greater than at least 10% compared to the week prior.

Nationwide, the seven-day average of new cases is at its highest ever: 161,165 cases a day. That's up 27% compared to last week.

There were 79,410 hospitalizations reported on Wednesday, a record high for the United States, according to the Covid Tracking Project. The country is now averaging 72,120 hospitalizations over the past seven days -- a 19.76% increase compared to last week.

Several states reported record number of hospitalizations Thursday, including Illinois, which currently has more than 6,000 people hospitalized with Covid-19, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

As hospitalizations climb, the nation's health care systems have been strained, prompting some of its workers to plead with Americans to do what they can to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.


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