Cultural impact of jubilee on the field of education

28 Dec 2020 17:57, Somoy English Desk
Cultural impact of jubilee on the field of education
Cultural impact of jubilee on the field of education

Education is the backbone of a nation. The more we develop this sector, the more we grow up as a nation upright.

We generally know that a jubilee is a particular anniversary of an event, usually denoting the 25th, 40th, 50th, 60th or 70th anniversary. Of biblical origins, the term is often now used to denote the celebrations associated with the reign of a monarch after a milestone number of years have passed.

In Bangladesh especially in the fields of education and culture, jubilee or any anniversary gives us the message of unity. Bangladesh will organise several events ahead of the golden jubilee of its independence.

Dhaka University was established 99 years ago on July 1, 1921. From any university, a community expects both academic excellence and political consciousness. From DU, we first got academic excellence during its early years and then political consciousness as the university was at the heart of all of our important historical movements, at least as far as the youth and student community is concerned. Disappointingly, however, a considerable amount of time has now passed since the university managed to provide the country with either of the two. And as DU enters its 100th year in 2021, it needs to do some in-depth soul-searching. DU has played a vital role in the country’s history. Its students and teachers sacrificed their lives during the 1952 Language Movement, 1969 Mass Upsurge and 1971 Liberation War and Anti-autocracy Movement in 1990.

In Bangladesh, the government has made it possible to scoop higher education with its public and private universities and the government-sponsored higher education by opening a door to reach more students. The private universities are also making significant contribution to this country for an upheaval of higher education. Presently, many of the students from different parts of the country pursue higher education thanks to the private universities of Bangladesh.  

In 1992, the then government of Bangladesh approved and introduced the Private University Act in the country that established higher education having a better output. The Private University Act was amended in 1998 and subsequently, it came through a final approval in 2010 as a masterpiece. Afterwards, the country had a great experience of remarkable development in the private higher educational institutions. More than 98 private universities are now disseminating higher education in Bangladesh. Likewise, Asian University of Bangladesh (AUB) is the largest private university since 1996. The university is going to celebrate its silver jubilee.  In this circumstance, private universities have a greater role to play to contribute to the nation. AUB has been contributing to the nation, and it strengthened the foundation of its national development; especially in the education sector. 

We hope in 2021, Bangladesh will touch a golden edge of higher education to uphold the society and Bengali culture. 

Nighat Sultana 
Assistant Professor, Department of Government and Politics
Asian University of Bangladesh


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