8 dead in dynamite blast in India’s Karnataka

22 Jan 2021 11:44, Somoy English Desk
8 dead in dynamite blast in India’s Karnataka
8 dead in dynamite blast in India’s Karnataka

At least eight people were reportedly killed in a dynamite blast at a railway crusher site in Karnataka’s Hunasodu village in the Shivamogga district of India on Thursday night.

According to news agency ANI, the loud blast that occurred last night resulted in tremors in and around Shivamogga.

The massive explosion took place near the gravel and boulder crushing facility around 10.30 pm, reports CNBCTV18.

So strong was the blast that window panes shattered while many houses and even roads developed cracks, an eye-witness was quoted as saying in news agency PTI report.

As the jolt was mistaken to have been caused by an earthquake, geologists were contacted, who ruled out recording tremors in any of their observatories.

”There was no earthquake. But an explosion did take place at Hunsur on the outskirts of Shivamogga under the Rural Police station limits,” a police officer told PTI.

The victims were reportedly transporting the explosives meant for mining when the explosion occurred. The vehicle was badly mangled and the bodies of the victims were dismembered beyond recognition. Senior district and police officials including the superintendent of the police of Shivamogga have rushed to the spot, according to PTI.

In May 2020, a mysterious loud blast was heard in Bengaluru, which was later identified as a sonic boom that originated from an Indian Air Force test flight.


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