Don’t come to play with Armed Forces: Gen Aziz

16 Feb 2021 12:49, Somoy English Desk
Don’t come to play with Armed Forces: Gen Aziz
Don’t come to play with Armed Forces: Gen Aziz

Mentioning that conspiracies are on against Bangladesh Army, Chief of Army Staff General Aziz Ahmed on Tuesday said the government will take action against Al Jazeera for airing the baseless report on Bangladesh.

He made the remarks while talking to reporters after attending a programme at Tejgaon Army Aviation Group in the morning.

The army chief said the country’s people have rejected the false and fabricated information of Al Jazeera and urged all to remain alert. “Don’t come to play with the Armed Forces. Army is the country’s pride. Many rumours are being spread to create confusions over it.”

Mentioning that the army is now most disciplined, he said it rejected all these with hatred. “All of the entire chain of command remain alert. The army is respectful to the constitution. This propaganda will do nothing to army.”

General Aziz said his brothers came after family members were acquitted. “We’ll say these at a press conference. We’re aware of what to do to keep the reputation of army intact.”

He also said what Al Jazeera did was completely motivated.

About his tours to different countries, the army chief said he did not use protocol for family affairs. “Photos were taken at that time with ill intention. Demeaning the army chief means demeaning the prime minister. I’m fully aware so that the army and the government are not defamed for me.”

He also said the motives of the conspirators will in no be successful.


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