Picnic Spots near Dhaka City for Short Break

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Picnic Spots near Dhaka City for Short Break
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Can you remember those childhood days when you were waiting the whole year round for the special day called ‘Picnic’ full of joy and amusement? Picnic is a short break for Executives, and Corporates to spend some quality time with family, and friends in a natural environment. Picnic is a gift for city kids, who are usually raised in confined space and hardly get a chance to chill out for daylong with friends under the open sky without worrying about studies, exams, grades, etc. In this article we would like to introduce you to some Picnic Spots near Dhaka. Our discussion include both paid and free/cheap picnic spots, reports UNB.

Luxurious Picnic Spots near Dhaka

Near Dhaka city there are several high quality resorts that offer special arrangement for picnic facility. In this section we will highlight on some resorts near Dhaka where you can book a picnic spot for corporate and family get together picnic programs.

Sabah Garden

Sabah Garden is one of the most popular picnic spots near Dhaka city. Hasan Uddin Sarker has built the Sabah Garden Resort over 36 bighas of land at Bagher Bazaar area in Gazipur. Here you can spend your day out in a natural ambient enjoying fresh air, shadows of trees, chirping of birds, etc. This place is also great for Corporate Events, Annual Day celebration, family program, shooting for media purpose, etc.

This resort has some unique attributes. For instance, this resort is enriched with a library containing a good number of books written by renowned local and international writers. If you want to read a book in silence, letting your kids playing outside safely, Sabah Garden can be a great choice. The whole resort is nicely decorated with the saying and messages told by world-wide famous people.

The vast area of this Sabah Garden Picnic spot has many other interesting establishments like, mini zoo, statues of some famous people. This place has six big ponds and cottage built with traditional elements like mud, bamboo and tin. A day out in Sabah Garden will give a chance to the city kids to get in touch with rustic ambient. Sabah Resort Garden has special arrangements to entertain the children. Here you will find statutes of diverse animals, like tigers, elephants, etc.

Sabah Garden costs 60-70,000 BDT for a Picnic event. The cost would be very affordable when the team size is big. However, if your team size is limited, contact with the authority to negotiate the price range.

How the Reach Sabah Garden Picnic Spot?

Starting your Journey from Dhaka city, you can reach Bagherbazar through Dhaka-Mymensingh highway by private car or public bus. Here you will find the Sabah Garden resort.

Nahar Garden

Nahar Garden is another beautiful picnic spot located in Kamta village, Saturiya thana, Manikganj district near Dhaka city. Nahar Garden presents a peaceful environment filled with various trees. If you are raised in village, the rustic environment of Nahar Garden will remind your childhood days.

Though Nahar Garden does not cover a gigantic area, this picnic spot features nice landscape architecture. This place has a flower garden where you will find lovely flowers of various color and scent. Nahar Garden also includes a pond. Here you will find boat riding arrangement.

Nahar Garden has a small Zoo containing rich collection of various birds species, including fins, Parrot (20 species), lovebirds, Gere Pariet, pigeons (3 species), cocktails, emu bird, Bajrang, peacocks, macaws, etc. In addition to these, the Mini Zoo of Nahar Garden has some animals like deer, monkeys, camels, etc.  Undoubtedly, kids will find great pleasure visiting this place for picnic.

Nahar Garden has Tube Well facility where you can find pure drinking water. In this vicinity, there is a dairy firm, where you can drink fresh cow-milk. Here you will also find many coconut trees. You can even drink the water of freshly picked Green Coconuts. Nahar Garden has a small artificial waterfall. You can bathe there in summer days to have fun. The dummy Titanic will further augment your fun time.

Nahar Garden includes vast playgrounds and amusement parks for children. Here the kids will have great fun viewing the statues of wild animals, like elephants. You will love the nice architecture of Mosque surrounded by water located inside the area of Nahar Garden.

For picnic arrangement, Nahar Garden has seven spots. Those are Park Cottage, Bokehn vila, Titanic Valley, Palki Cottage, Garden Cottage, VIP Bungalow, and Fountain Cottage. Nahar Garden has reliable security system. Here you will also get secured car parking facility.

The cost of Nahar Garden picnic Spot Ranges from 7000 to 30000 BDT depending upon cottage type, booking day, number of visitors, etc.

How the Reach Nahar Garden Picnic Spot?

Starting your Journey from Gulistan or Farmgate bus stand of Dhaka city, you can reach at Saturia in Manikganj through Dhaka-Aricha highway by a public bus. From Saturia Thana, you can arrive at your destination Nahar Garden at Kamta village by local transport.

Angona Resort

This beautiful resort is named ‘Angona’ which means ‘Pretty Girl’ according to Bengali language. The awesome natural beauty of this resort preserves its name-value. Angona resort has been built over 18 bighas of land area at Surjo Narayanpur village in Kapasia of Gazipur district in the year of 2014. The owner of this resort is Sayed Ali Murad, the brother of prominent singer Runa Layla.

Besides artificial beautification, this resort is enriched with unique topography. For instance, this area is naturally bound with red soil built hills which belong to Bhawal Pargan range. Thanks to the authority of Angona resort to preserve the God-made natural features of this area. Here you will also find a landscaped garden. This resort includes two big playgrounds along with two vast ponds.

Angona resort is a popular choice for Picnic arrangement. Their Picnic facility can accommodate and cater more than 500 people at a time. However, the whole resort area is encircled with high security walls. Adding to these, this resort is fully covered under the surveillance of security camera and security guards assuring enough security to the visitors.

To amuse the visitors, Angona resort has some wonderful facilities like pony rides, boating, swimming pool, badminton court, deer park, etc. This resort also has arrangements for meetings, workshops, training, brainstorming sessions, etc. What is more? In this resort, you will find air-conditioned bedrooms and modern bathrooms.

For arranging a Picnic at Angona Resort, you have to pay 70,000 to 85,000 BDT.

How the Reach Angona Resort Picnic Spot?

Angona resort is located at Surjonarayanur in Kapasia under Gazipur. This place is about one hour from the Dhaka International Airport. Starting your journey from Dhaka you can ride on a public bus which will pass through Gazipur Junction on Dhaka- Kapasia road. Get off the bus at Pabur Rasta stop. From this point you have to make another trip at one kilometer south to reach at Surjonarayanur village where your will find Angona Resort.

Rangamati Water Front Resort

The name of this resort might confuse you whether it is located in Rangamati which is far away from Dhaka city. Actually, Rangamati Waterfront Resort is located at Sinaboho bazaar in Kaliakore Shafipur Bazaar under Gazipur district. This resort is near Chandra at Gazipur. Though this resort mimics the name of ‘Rangamati’, it has no highlands like the Rangamati Hill District.

In the Angona resort, the classy landscape architecture including a vast flower garden attracts the visitors. Here you can spend some tranquil moments for relaxing or chatting with dear friends and family members sitting close to nature. Children would love chilling under open sky beside waterfront space.

This resort has nice arrangement for Picnic facility. Here there is a beautiful lake. A hanging bridge augments the elegance of this lake. In this lake, the visitors can enjoy boat riding, fishing, etc. Moreover, this resort owns a modern swimming pool, seven cottages and eight two-storied buildings.

Rangmati Water Front Resort has four Picnic spots called Kamini, Zamini, Big Field and Amphitheater. Each of these picnic spots has separate place for culinary preparation, and playground for children. The cost of Picnic ranges from 35000 to 50000 BDT. This resort is a great place for arranging picnic parties for both families and corporates.

How to Reach Rangamati Waterfront Resort?

The resort is located at about 45 kilometers distance from Dhaka City. Starting the journey from Farmgate bus stand or Mohakhali bus stand area at Dhaka, you can get on a bus heading towards Gazipur. The bus will drop you at Chandra stop. From this point, you can hire a local transport (like rickshaw or tempo) to reach at the resort. By passing Konabari, move towards Shafipur Bazaar area. The Rangamati Water Front resorts falls on the Tangail road. 

Cheap Picnic Spots near Dhaka

If you want to celebrate a low-budget picnic with a few people like family members or close friends, then choose a free or cheap picnic spot. There are many natural locations in and around Dhaka city where you can enjoy a day out picnic. For instance, you can choose Ramna Park, Lalbagh fort, Botanical Garden, etc.

These places may charge a nominal entry fee per person. However, these cheap picnic spots may lack some facilities – like, modern restroom, catering service, parking, security arrangement, etc. – which are usually offered by the high-end paid picnic spots. You can arrange the catering from local hotel or restaurants.


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