Where do live top six richest Americans?

12 Feb 2020 14:42, Somoy English Desk
Where do live top six richest Americans?
Where do live top six richest Americans?

Have you checked the "America's Richest People List" yet?

Surprisingly, Bill Gates, whose total assets are $ 81 billion, ranks No. 1 for the 23rd year running. Meanwhile, his friend Warren Buffett fell to third place for the first time in 15 years, with $ 65.5 billion. CEO Jeff Bezos gained $20 billion to boost his net worth to $67 billion and making him the second richest person in the United States.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg came in fourth, which is his highest rank, valued at $ 1.8 billion. However, Oracle founder Larry Ellison has reached number five for the first time since 2007. Its assets are $ 49.3 billion.

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is standing on the number one spot, is the CEO of Bloomberg LP, who has a net worth of $45 billion.

With the withdrawal of these six wealthy multi-billionaires, they have a combined $ 363.3 billion, most of which are still held as partners in their founding companies. However, part of their fortune is vested in real estate. Mr. Gates, for one, owns a Washington mansion valued at about $ 170 million, several horse ranches across the United States and some shares luxury hotel chains through his private investment firm Cascade.

Where they live?

1. Bill Gates Worth: $81 billion Home: Medina, Washington

2. Jeff Bezos Worth: $67 billion Home: Medina, Washington

3. Warren Buffett Worth: $65.5 billion Home: Omaha, Nebraska

4. Mark Zuckerberg Worth: $55.5 billion Home: Palo Alto, California

5. Larry Ellison Worth: $49.3 billion Home: Woodside, California

6. Michael Bloomberg Worth: $45 billion Home: Manhattan, New York


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