How to protect your Facebook account

13 Feb 2020 18:13, Somoy English Desk
How to protect  your Facebook account
How to protect your Facebook account

Facebook has a lot of data on you, and it's important that all personal information is private and secure. So here's a helpful guide to protect your privacy and help keep you safe on monster social media networks. Before we get started, most of these settings are best accessed from the website because some settings include a lot of information.

Use a strong password
It's time to stop using dumb passwords. Go to Facebook's Settings page and change your password here.

You can create a strong password that has a minimum of 12 letters that includes numbers, symbols, capital letters, lower-case letters, not a combination of dictionary words or dictionary words and does not depend on explicit options.

Use SMS two-factor authentication
Facebook offers SMS 2FA where you add your own number so that when you log in to your account a code is sent and you use it as a token to verify your account.

Just go to Settings and then scroll to Security and Login and tap Two-Factor Authentication and enable this feature.

Save your changes when you're done.

Use application-based two-factor authentication
You can now dig SMS-based 2FAs for application-based 2FA and SMS, and Facebook already supports third-party authentication applications like Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator and LastPass applications.

Review apps connected to your Facebook account
Review your applications so that your Facebook account uses them to log into their platforms. If you no longer use those apps or services, revoke access to them.

Disable Location History on your phone
Facebook will use location data from your device to map your location history. Turn it off by going to Settings & privacy> Settings> Location settings> Location History then disable the toggle

Review the devices with access to your account
Go to the Security and Login page and then go to where you are logged in to see all the devices where you have logged into your Facebook account.

To remove a device from the list, simply click the three-dot icon to the right of the device name and then log out. Then Facebook will ask if you don't want all the posts from that device to be removed from your account as well. This feature is useful if a malicious actor gains access to your Facebook account and posts it without your permission.

You can sign out of each device connected to your Facebook account by clicking the All Sessions Log Out button.

About settings
This is the section where all your personal information is stored for others to see. You can always choose to whom this information will be visible. You can protect strangers from being selected by their friends or simply by me.

Privacy Settings
This is the section where you decide who can see and access your personal information and stuff on Facebook. Keep the setting so that only your Facebook friends can see your photos, videos, status or any of your Facebook activities. Visit this section once to check and verify your settings. Never allow unknown strangers to access your Facebook stuff or activities because they may be abused. And that's why you can run into trouble

Limit your Posts
Privacy heading> Limit audience for old posts in your timeline and click on restricted recent posts

Doing so will ensure that anything you share publicly or with friends is shared only with friends. This feature is not perfect because you cannot choose which posts you want to share when enabled so you will have to manually go to your timeline and change them individually.

Other steps
You can go through the Privacy section and go through each of the settings and adjust the phone number and email address search options to limit your choice of "friends" or "just me".

Enabling these security protections will ensure your Facebook account is safe and makes it difficult for hackers to gain access to your account plus also making your experience on the platform worthwhile.


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