How to ignore & unignore messages on Facebook

16 Feb 2020 21:49, Somoy English Desk
How to ignore & unignore messages on Facebook
How to ignore & unignore messages on Facebook

The Ignore and Unreasonable feature is most effective when you know that someone is just disrupting your final peace, or you want to see a previously ignored text again. You can simply ignore someone without necessarily blocking them. Simply put, avoid conversations with anyone but do not necessarily remove them permanently from any future communication.

Steps to ignore messages

1. Open you Messenger app on Android phone or iPhone
2. Tap on active people at the bottom section
3. Select all people icon 
4. Select profile info option displayed near the person’s name
5. Tap on the ignore messages option 
6. On the pop-up that appears, confirm by tapping ignore 
7. A message will pop up that will tell you the operation is a success. (This message has been moved to text requests) 

How to unignore messages

1. Open Messenger on your phone
2. Tap the active user's icon
3. Select the plus (+) sign appearing on the top right corner of the app.
4. Tap on the request option, followed by spam options.
5. Choose any conversation from the displayed ignore list and tap it
6. Tap the reply option appearing over the 


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