Global uproar as technology reunites mother with dead daughter (Video)

18 Feb 2020 20:11, Somoy English Desk
Global uproar as technology reunites mother with dead daughter (Video)
Global uproar as technology reunites mother with dead daughter

South Korean information technology experts reunited a mother with her daughter who died six years ago through advanced virtual reality.

 The heartbreaking video of the mother's conversation with the deceased daughter has been released, creating uproar all over the world.

In the video, it was seen that the girl was emerging from behind a pile of wood in a park, as if playing hide-and-seek.

“Mother, where are you?” she asks saying she has missed her a lot. 

”Have you missed me?” she asked her mother.

The weeping mother, Jang Ji-sung reached out toward the daughter and said, “I’ve missed you Na-yeon.”

But the reality is that Jang was standing in front of a studio green screen wearing a virtual reality headset and touch-sensitive glove.

Viewers watched the nine-minute video clip of the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) more than 13 million times in a week on Youtube.

Most of viewers expressed their sympathy to Jang and supported the concept.

But many critics described it as a betrayal of people's emotions and beliefs.

Since the video was released on social media, many South Korean people have been opposing such a reality show as they think the broadcaster has taken advantage of a bereaved mother only for increasing its viewer ratings.

However, Jang, the mother of the daughter, think this programme can console others who had lost their near and dear ones. 

She also expressed her happiness over the experience she got through the technology.


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