Common mistakes that make difficult to sleep well

20 Feb 2020 22:32, Somoy English Desk
Common mistakes that make difficult to sleep well
Common mistakes that make difficult to sleep well

After a long day at work, you go home and all you want to do is lie down and rest your tired mind and body. But after some twists and turns, you still can’t get yourself to sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep may oftentimes be elusive, especially for adults. According to the 2016 Healthy Living Index Survey, around 46 percent of Filipinos suffer from sleep deprivation and at least 32 percent could only sleep for a maximum of six hours a day.

While the best things in life are free, sleep is oftentimes a neglected area of one’s well-being. At this age when people get stressed with both work and social obligations, sleep deprivation is actually more common than what has been thought of to be.

Today, The Manila Times and premium mattress brand Comfort Living offered through Lazada point out some possible culprits of preventing one from ha­ving a good night’s sleep.

Late afternoon coffee
Caffeine is a natural memory and energy enhancer, but having a coffee fix in the evening might not be a good idea. You might think that just because you regularly down caffeinated drinks, you already developed a tolerance to it. If you really want to have a restful sleep at night, consider replacing your nightcap with a relaxing and calming chamomile tea.

Extensive workout before bedtime
As much as you can, try to schedule your exercise time in the morning or hit the gym during your lunch hour to avoid giving your muscles a rush at night. A heart-pumping, sweat-dripping cardio workout three hours before you go to sleep will definitely give you a difficult time to snooze off. If it’s really too busy at work and you can’t squeeze in your workout time in the morning, opt for a casual walk at night just to keep your body moving without sacrificing your sleep.

Too much stress and worries
Stress is inevitable, especially for working people. But you already have a full day to allow stress to distract you. Don’t let it affect your sleeping time anymore. As much as you can, avoid thinking about work or any other issues once you already settled on your bed. You should make your bed your personal sanctuary where stress and worries can’t disturb you. If you can’t help think about the thing that’s been stressing you out, grab a journal and jot down the list of things on your mind and forget about it until morning.

Wrong choice of bed
Your bed is your partner for sleeping so you have to make sure that it’s your source of comfort and rejuvenation. If your bed is too hard, it will make your back ache and it will cause discomfort for you; if it’s too mushy, that will cause your spine to sag. While even the most expensive mattress won’t take away your pain, it’s possible that the one you’re using is keeping your back out of alignment as you sleep.


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