The untold love story of cricketer Soumya Sarkar (Video)

25 Feb 2020 22:51, Somoy English Desk
The untold love story of cricketer Soumya Sarkar (Video)
The untold love story of cricketer Soumya Sarkar

Bangladesh’s dashing batsman Soumya Sarkar is going to tie the knot with his lover Puja on Wednesday. Just a day before their marriage, Soumya uploaded a six-minute video on his verified Facebook page around 4:30pm on Tuesday.

He gave the caption of the video “The untold story” where the couple shared how they engaged in a relation and some other things about themselves.

“On my sister's wedding day, Soumya proposed me first. The time was 4:14am,” said national Cricket Team star Soumya’s would-be wife Puja.

However, Soumya said the time for making love proposals is probably 4:16am, not 4:14am.

In the video, Puja also explained why she had agreed to Soumya's proposal as she said Souma is very handsome and tall what attracted her very much.
Besides, Soumya loves his mother very much. “That's the main reason for which I fell in love with him. “I’ve no doubt that he’ll love me too much as he loves her mother so much.”

Even in this modern age, Soumya and Puja exchanged love letters. As Puja likes chocolate and lipstick very much, Soumya gave her that as the first gift.

Soumya said Puja always wants him to call her beautiful, but he does not say her that any day. “So, she is angry with me.”

Meanwhile, the ceremony of blessing has been completed in the houses of both Soumya and Puja. The bride’s full name is Priyonti Debnath Puja, who hails from Khulna. She has taken 'O' Level exam this year from an English medium college in Dhaka. Her father's name is Gopal Debnath who is a businessman by profession and lives in Tutpara in Khulna city.


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