Want to unlock mystery behind dreams?, know how

27 Feb 2020 15:21, Somoy English Desk
Want to unlock mystery behind dreams?, know how
Want to unlock mystery behind dreams?, know how

Want to start interpreting your dreams and use the formulas in your daily life? Here are 5 tips.

1. Believe Your Feelings

Moss says, “Do you feel good or bad? Does it feel serious? Does it feel personal? Your first feelings in the dream and straightly after are really important. It will give you a hint of whether it is verbal or more figurative. If it is powerful guidance, take action.”

2. Run a Reality Check

Moss explained, “Say to yourself, how does this dream describe to my life?”
He also said, “If I’m running away, where do I do that for the rest of my life? I’m superwoman: where can I claim that strength and be superwoman in some way in my everyday situation." 

3. Future Clues

He explained, “Ask yourself, would any of this play out in some way in the future? If you like the emotion when you meet your dream lover, this could be a sign you will find him.”

Moss said, “Recognize survival dreams. My life was protected by a car crash dream three times.”

4. Play the 'What Part of Me?' Game

Moss said, “You might confess characters from your dream that symbolize segment of you. What part of me is the prevalent type?”

He said, “The signification of a dream is actually inside the dream experience itself. We memorize bits and pieces, fragments. But if you can get yourself inside the dream, you might be able to understand it better. You might be able to settle a mystery.”

5. Take Action

Moss explained, “Write yourself a one-liner from the dream. If you rotate it into a bumper sticker what would it say? Or follow up on a funny word. Maybe its creative action. You see red in your dream so go out and buy a red shirt and wear it and see how your choice to wear red changes your life that day,”


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