Google Assistant tips and tricks

27 Feb 2020 21:35, Somoy English Desk
Google Assistant  tips and tricks
Google Assistant tips and tricks

Having a Google Assistant at home in the form of a smart speaker or smart display can be a huge help. Whether it's asking for recipe measurement conversions, checking your commute or catching up on a sports score, there's plenty your voice assistant can do. If you've mastered the basics and you're ready for a more integrated experience, here are five ways to get more out of your Google Assistant.

Easily connect smart devices
Google is also making it easier to set up smart devices. When you’re setting up a new smart device in the manufacturer’s app, you will soon get a push notification that lets you know the device is compatible with your Google Home speaker or display. The setup process is becoming more seamless than ever before, and you’ll be able to connect your smart devices to Google Assistant in a matter of seconds.

Smarter reminders
There are times when I want to buy something from a specific place but forget what I want once I'm near that store. Google Asistant can use your location to remind you when you're near a specific place.

For example, if you wanted to try a specific item on a local restaurant menu, or need to buy a new book from your favourite bookstore, you can have Google remind you when you're near those places.

Make a Holiday List
Holiday times can be stressful, but with Google Assistant, you can create and manage lists and notes in Bring,, and Google Keep.

Connect the Assistant with the app you choose to use. Select the Services tab in the Google Assistant setting and choose which provider you want from the Notes and Lists section.

Read and reply to messages
It’s easy to make a call with Google Home. You just have to say: “OK, Google, call (the phone number).”  One of the newer features of Google Assistant is its ability to manage your SMS messages when you text. Tell Google Assistant to “Show me my messages,” and you’ll see any unread texts. But if you ask it, “Do I have any messages?” Google Assistant will actually read your unread messages to you. The Home device can also read SMS-enabled messages from Facebook Messenger and Hangouts if you have a compatible device. In 2020, you’ll even be able to put certain contacts on speed dial.

Where Should You Eat, Drink, Or Go Dancing?
Need some ideas on where to go out? Ask Google Assistant for some suggestions. Your assistant will respond with a list of names of restaurants near you including their star ratings.

To get more information about any restaurant, tap on it to see its address, directions, and a link to call.

Use Google as a remote control
Did you know Google can control your TV? Forget the days of reaching for the remote. All you need is a command like, "Hey Google, play Twin Peaks on the Main TV."
Connect your TV or streamer to your Google Home app, give it a name like "bedroom TV" and sync your streaming services if you didn't when you initially set up your smart speaker. 
You might need to change a setting on your TV so that Google can turn it on with a voice command. That setting is called CEC (consumer electronics control), and it's usually off by default. Be sure to check the settings of your TV to make sure it's enabled.

Once that's done, you're all set to go. Just ask Google to play your favorite show. 

Get Answers To Your Questions
Ask your assistant any question you want, no matter how obscure. Start by saying, “OK, Google, how far is the moon from earth?”

Google will respond verbally “here’s what I found” and then list the sources. In some cases, it will read the information to you and then tell you the source.

Quicker Selfies
While you can activate the camera on your smartphone manually to take a picture, saying "OK Google, take a selfie," will allow Google Assistant to instantly open the camera app and start a 3-second countdown.

Guest Mode
With guest mode, you can still share your Google Home with guests without having to lend out your precious WiFi password. To get the process rolling, open up your Google Home app, select your device and tap the Settings icon, which takes the form of a gear. Next, select Guest Mode and turn it on, taking note of the 4 digit PIN. Now, your friends can open a Chromecast-enabled app like Netflix, Youtube or Spotify and use a PIN to gain access to your Google Home.

With these helpful tips in hand, you can make your smart home work smarter for you. Whether it's ordering last-minute household supplies, catching up on your favorite TV shows or finding that elusive smartphone, Google Assistant has plenty of tricks up its sleeve to make your life easier. 


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