Coronavirus: Google bans visitors in certain offices

10 Mar 2020 12:01, Somoy English Desk
Coronavirus: Google bans visitors in certain offices
Coronavirus: Google bans visitors in certain offices

Google is now self-quarantining.

In an effort to protect U.S. workers from spreading coronavirus, Internet giant Google is restricting visitors to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and New York offices. It said the decision was based on the recommendations of the health authorities.

It is also reported that employees will be able to work from home in these locations.

Google says it personally terminated all interviews to protect job candidates and employees.

The Google Parent Alphabet has created a 24 hours command center so security teams can help executives monitor development, CNBC reported last week.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in a memo to the staff, "We know this is a very worrying time for everyone."

The virus visible no signs of slowing its spread across the U.S. Confirmed cases crossed 600 across more than 30 states and the District of Columbia and the death toll rises to 26. In San Francisco, city officials confirmed five new coronavirus cases Monday, for a total of 13.

Major technology companies are emergency stepping up to protect office workers. On Monday, Amazon asked its New York and New Jersey office employees to work remotely if the march could not be completed. 

The company paid the same directives to its outposts in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Seattle area last week, after an employee in one of its Seattle office tested positive for COVID-19.


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