Samsung's Galaxy S20 with impressive camera and top-of-the-line specs

18 Mar 2020 11:18, Somoy English Desk
Samsung's Galaxy S20 with impressive camera and top-of-the-line specs
Samsung's Galaxy S20 with impressive camera and top-of-the-line specs

Samsung's most premium smartphone in its flagships series, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, was plagued with a very specific but major issue, at least in the initial batch of phones that made it into the hands of reviewers. The phone has some trouble with the autofocus system, but this was later fixed with an OTA update from Samsung. However, users still faced issues regarding overheating during wireless charging, freezing of the camera app and so on, in the other models too. Word on Twitter now is that Samsung is reportedly working on a fix for all these issues, and would be rolling out a big software update soon for the Galaxy S20 series very soon.

108-megapixel pro-grade camera
Samsung says that the S20 range is “designed to change photography”. The S20 range certainly changes what we thought was possible with smartphones.

That 108-megapixel sensor is one of the largest we’ve ever seen in a smartphone before, and it’s what makes the incredible zoom possible.

The sheer size of the sensor gives you more pixels across an image, meaning you get a larger image overall. That means you can snap a shot and pinch in to see details right up close.

And a larger image sensor means it’s capturing more light at night, and a revamped Pro mode means you can customise a shot to your heart’s desire.

100x zoom
The S20 Ultra 5G has a number of zoom levels, including the 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom. Its real party trick, however, is 100x Space Zoom.

Space Zoom really makes that 108-megapixel sensor shine. Samsung says it’ll take you from the back of a room to on-stage in a click, and it really means it.

When we were testing the S20 Ultra 5G, it was a snap to go from a wide shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to seeing the flag fill the display at 100x zoom.

The overhauled camera software even comes with a target viewfinder so you can hunt out specifics in an image at zoom, making sure you never miss a detail.

And most importantly, thanks to a range of cameras on the S20 Ultra 5G, zoom looks great at a bunch of different magnifications, including 2x, 4x and 10x.

8K video
You’ve heard of 4K – with video quality 4x as crisp and clear as high-definition – but Samsung’s new flagship is here to leap ahead, with incredible 8K video capabilities. That’s right: the S20 Ultra 5G’s incredible camera is not just capable of taking beautiful photos, it supports 8K video recording!

On top of astounding quality and stabilised shooting, the S20 Ultra 5G makes sure you don’t miss a thing, thanks to the ability to select 33-megapixel stills right out of an 8K video. So if you’re recording your kid’s baseball match, you can record them hitting the game-winning home run, and have both a high-resolution video and high-resolution still to mark the moment.

It also supports a range of other high- and ultra-high definition recording formats with high frame rate capabilities to make video buttery smooth on playback.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 has a release date of March 6 and is available now. The Galaxy S20 costs $999 and comes with 12GB of RAM and 128GB of storage standard. You can’t opt for a model with more RAM or storage but you can add up to 1TB of storage via the phone’s microSD card slot.


The Galaxy S20 is available through Samsung as well as through three out of the big four wireless carriers in the U.S., including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Verizon will be offering a Galaxy S20 in Q2 that's compatible with its mmWave 5G network.

Anyone interested in snapping up one of Samsung's latest flagships for the least expense possible should have a look at the best Galaxy S20 deals out there before pulling the trigger.


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