How to Know Whether You Are Infected by Coronavirus?

19 Mar 2020 18:12, Somoy English Desk
How to Know Whether You Are Infected by Coronavirus?
How to Know Whether You Are Infected by Coronavirus

The infection of Coronavirus may not show signs for several days. So how can one know if s/he is infected? By the time they go to the hospital with fever and cough, the lung has formed 50% fibrosis almost! Then it is too late to save that person from COVID-19 disease. Taiwan experts provide a simple check that we can do every morning. Do as follows.

Take a deep breath. And hold your breath for more than 10 seconds. If you can complete this successfully without coughing, or any other discomfort like stiffness, tiredness, etc. Basically, it indicates no infection. In critical time, you can check this self-test every morning with an environment of clean air, reports UNB.

The Japanese doctors, who are treating COVID-19 patients, urges you to make sure that your mouth and throat never get dry. It is advised to take a few sips of water every 15 minutes. Even if the virus gets into your mouth, frequent drinking water or other liquids will wash them down through your throats into the stomach. Reaching there the virus will get killed by your stomach-acids. If you do not drink enough water more regularly, the virus can reach your lungs through the windpipe, which is very dangerous.

Remember some facts about Coronavirus

- If someone sneezes the virus can travel up to 10-feet before it drops on the ground. Then it is no longer air-borne.

- However, if the virus falls on a metal surface, it can stay alive for more than 12 hours. Therefore, if you come in contact with any metal surface wash your hands with any antibacterial soap.

- On fabric, the virus can survive for 6 to 12 hours. Washing clothes with usual laundry detergent can kill this virus.

- The virus can only live in your hands for 5-10 minutes. But in the meantime, if you rub your nose, eyes or face area, the virus can get inside you.

- Drinking warm water can kill the virus. You can also gurgle with warm water. And try not to take any drink with ice.

What will happen, if Coronavirus infects you? According to Dr. Debi Shetty, reputed cardiologist of India, coronavirus symptoms are as follows.

- On the day zero, you will feel tired.

- On day two, you will feel light fever.

- On day three, you will experience a cough with an itchy throat.

- On day four, you will experience a headache on and off.

- On day five, you will suffer from gastro-intestinal problems, like looseness of the bowels, cramps or Diarrhea along with headache. And your fever may be normal or it can increase.

- On the sixth and seventh day, the headache may reduce, but you will feel pain on the whole body. The stomach illness or Diarrhea will either reduce or get worse.

- On day eight, all symptoms may reduce with lower fever, with lower body pain and your energy will be regained. But your cough may persist with a runny nose.

- On the day nine, if the situation gets improved then assume that antibodies have formed inside your body to knock down the virus. It means you don’t need to worry about the COVID-19 medical test. But instead, if your flu gets worse on the ninth day, then call the COVID-19 helpline for medical support. Therefore, it behooves upon you to inspect your health situation carefully and make the right decision.

IEDCR (Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research) helpline numbers:

01401184551, 01401184554, 01401184555, 01401184556, 01401184559, 01401184560, 01401184563, 01401184568, 01927711784, 01927711785, 01937000011, and 01937110011

Kindly share the information with your family and friends. For further information click on this link to visit WHO’s coronavirus information page. Stay safe!


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