Two Bangladeshis die from coronavirus in New York

21 Mar 2020 17:00, Somoy English Desk
Two Bangladeshis die from coronavirus in New York
Two Bangladeshis die from coronavirus in New York

Two Bangladeshi expatriates living in New York have died from coronavirus and 21 others have been infected with the deadly virus.

Around 20,000 people have contracted coronavirus in the USA while 258 patients have so far died there.

Of them, 46 died in New York.

Khan Shawkat, who works at the New York Police Department, said two elderly Bangladeshis, including one of his close friends, died from the coronavirus on Thursday in New York.

He said one Bangladeshi died at Astoria and the other at Wood Side in New York.

Khan said both were very good persons and adored by the community members.

Panic has gripped the Bangladeshi community as the number of deaths from the virus continues to surge in the USA.

Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered the shutdown of all non-essential businesses in the state. Except for essential services, all New Yorkers are now ordered to stay indoors from 8pm Sunday evening to check the coronavirus outbreak.

The coronavirus has turned acute in the USA as the deaths from the deadly disease are growing gradually.

The number of Bangladeshis infected by the virus is also on the rise.

Two Bangladeshi coronavirus patients have already died in New York.

Although the US government is disclosing the figure of total number of corona deaths, the identities of the dead are being kept secret.

Experts have advised everyone to remain alert and maintain personal hygiene.

New York’s infectious disease expert t Dr Linia Ahmed Kiki said, "We’re very aware of the Bangladeshi community and the American community. Our main goal is to prevent the disease from spreading one person to the other.”

As conditions have got out of control, state governors of New York, Connecticut and Illinois on Friday ordered everyone living in the states to stay indoors compulsorily.

The governors of the three states also said legal action will be taken with penalties against those violate the directive. As a result, three more US states are now virtually locked down.

 The same directive was issued in California earlier.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Consulate in New York has been closed since Friday. However, any one can contact through the hotline numbers in case of urgent need.


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