Xiaomi MIUI 12 will be presented much sooner than expected!

22 Mar 2020 17:00, Somoy English Desk
Xiaomi MIUI 12 will be presented much sooner than expected!
Xiaomi MIUI 12 will be presented much sooner than expected!

It was not so long ago that Xiaomi launched its latest version of the MIUI interface, but information about the arrival of MIUI 12 is beginning to emerge. According to a publication made in the Mi Community forum, this will be the timeline for the launch of MIUI 12, which may be presented as early as next month.

It is important to note that this graphic was not published by any of the brand’s representatives, but by a user with the name “Mi Influencer”. However, the publication was quickly removed from the forum, giving some strength to its possible truthfulness.

Xiaomi May Launch the final version of MIUI 12 between October and December

According to the graph, the MIUI 12 beta release could happen as early as next month, with several versions of tests already circulating among the team in charge of its development. In addition, with the beta versions arriving in the middle of May, it is possible that the official launch of the first stable version will happen in October.

This is not the only piece of information that points to the upcoming presentation of the new interface. Recently in one of MIUI test versions, references is there to a major reveal that will happen next week. In addition, users in China trying to join the beta program get an “error” and a mention of MIUI 12.

Unfortunately, information about possible new features planned for MIUI 12 is still scarce. It could bring considerable improvements to the popular Dark Mode, support for 16:9 screens, new GUI and much more


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