Coronavirus Tips: Free Online Yoga Courses for Stress Relief and Better Immunity

15 May 2020 12:46, Somoy English Desk
Coronavirus Tips: Free Online Yoga Courses for Stress Relief and Better Immunity
Coronavirus Tips: Free Online Yoga Courses for Stress Relief and Better Immunity

Are you experiencing chronic anxiety over the risk of getting infected by the life-threatening COVID19 disease or impending financial hardship? Besides sucking the mental strength, anxiety may weaken your immune system. Doing mind and body practices through Yoga, you can build strong immunity besides keeping your mind calm. Yoga inherits a 5,000-year  history combining diversified methods of meditation, breathing techniques, and physical postures. Adding Yoga in your daily routine can strengthen your mind and body to overcome the Coronavirus challenge. Read this article to know about some free online Yoga courses which you can attain during the quarantine.

Yoga for Beginners

If you have a long-cherished desire to learn Yoga, but could hardly manage time to learn this, start now! Here comes a beginner level video course of Yoga. This course can help you learn encouraging ways to modify your health. It would be a nice start towards your Yoga journey including morning Yoga habit, bedtime Yoga routine, Yoga for reducing neck tension, Yoga for various organ stretching, easy Yoga workouts, and many more things. This course is recommended for anyone who is eager to release anxiety, lose some extra pounds, boost up immunity, and make a strong body. Click on the following link to get enrolled in this course:

Yoga for Desk Workers & Students

People who tend to sit down for long hours due to office duty or study purpose, often complain about chronic pain in the eyes, neck, shoulder, back, and various other parts of the body. Though medications can provide temporal reliefs, aches often tend to come back. You can try some Yoga methods to get relief from these pains. Here comes an online Yoga course for desk workers and Students. 

Watching these video classes you can learn how to stretch out and release tension during short work-breaks. This course can teach you specific Yoga techniques to increase circulations of different body-parts to heal the pain. Besides decreasing stress and anxiety, these Yoga methods will improve your posture, strengthen spine health, and increase your overall level of productivity at work or study. Click the following link to join this course:

10 Minute Yoga! Happy Mind, Body & Spirit in Just 10 Mins 

Are you a busy mom or a hectic professional for whom spending one hour on Yoga every day is more than a daydream? Don’t worry! You can practice Yoga even if you can manage only 10 minutes from your tight schedule. Here comes a 10 Minute Yoga Course to get a healthy mind, body, and spirit! 

These video classes will teach you three sequences. The ‘Dream’ sequence will help you in setting your intention and warming up the body to start an amazing day. Then the ‘Feel Free’ sequence will teach you some postures of stretching, twisting, and standing poses which can make you feel relaxed. The last ‘Heart Open’ sequence will show you some forward and backward bends enabling you to love wholeheartedly. Besides, relaxing your body, this Yoga course will improve your focus, mental strength, and confidence every single day. Click the following link to participate in this course:

Yin yoga for sleep

Are you facing difficulty in falling asleep? Or do you feel like carrying a huge burden of stress in your mind? If this situation continues for weeks or months, it can deteriorate your mental peace, health condition, and productivity at work. Join this course to solve your sleeplessness. These videos classes will teach you the secrets of Yin yoga along with some effective methods. 

Yin yoga can activate your parasympathetic nervous system which controls the rest and digest mode of your body. These Yoga methods will help you in developing patience and ways of acceptance. You will gain the ability to observe thoughts, and control reactions. All of these actions can calm your nervous system to release tensions, which would help you in getting better sleep every night. Click the link below to join this course:

Exploring the Yoga Chakras

Do you have a passion for traditional meditation practice? You can try this course to learn Kundalini Yoga based on Chakras knowledge. The term ‘Chakras’ refers to different focal points of the body that are applied for meditation practices. This concept was generated from the ancient traditions of Hinduism. This course has been designed with eight classes of Chakra balancing exercises. 

Watching these video classes you can learn about diverse ancient concepts of energy centers, including their locations, qualities, symbolism, and impact on everyday life. Each exercise usually lasts from 5 to 8 minutes. Overall, these Kundalini Yoga methods will help you in achieving desired outcomes in life and manage your wellbeing in an organized way. Click the following link to join this course:

Yoga for Allergic Rhinitis / Hayfever

Are you tired of suffering from chronic sneezing due to allergic rhinitis/ hayfever? You may know that Allergic rhinitis or hayfever is quite tiresome for the body, mind, and work spirit. Chronic sneezing can lead to blocked sinuses, itchy nose, and sore throat. These symptoms make it difficult for your breathing system to function normally. 

Not to mention, during Coronavirus pandemic an incidence of chronic sneezing can make you feel uncomfortable in public. In this section, we are going to present a special course of Yogic Principals and Practices that can release your stress, strengthen your immune system, teach some effective breathing techniques, and finally help you to get rid of the allergic rhinitis/ hayfever. Click the following link to enroll this course:

Bottom Line

So far we have discussed several free online Yoga courses worth participating in your quarantine to release stress and build a healthy body. However, it is recommended to keep about two to three hours break between your last meal and Yoga session. Try to apply Yoga Mat and other recommended props to assure your safety while practicing different Yoga Postures. And don’t forget to consult your doctor before doing Yoga, if you have any serious illness.


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