Post Lockdown Safety Precautions to Prevent COVID19 Contraction

03 Jun 2020 14:05, Somoy English Desk
Post Lockdown Safety Precautions to Prevent COVID19 Contraction
Post Lockdown Safety Precautions to Prevent COVID19 Contraction

Are you returning work after the withdrawal of two-month long coronavirus lockdown period? The new Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) might continue its destruction over humanity in the upcoming months. Though scientists are on the hunt for vaccine, nobody knows when it will be available for mass people. On the other hand, it is quite unfeasible for any government to impose lockdown for unlimited time. Now the new-normal life would be returning to regular lifestyle and resuming respective livelihood activities maintaining precautions. In this article, we are going to discuss some post lockdown safety precautions to prevent COVID19 contraction.

Individual Safety Precautions
- Carry Self Protective Gears
Whenever you step outside home, wear a clean face mask properly. For additional safety you can wear face-shields, Goggles, and head-cover. Don’t forget to carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap in your pocket or hand bag. Stay away from wearing any metallic accessories like watch, jewelry, etc. Wear clothes which you can wash after returning home. To avoid virus contraction, the service-holder persons can carry bags which are washable or easily cleanable with wipes.

- Food Safety Precautions
The service-holder people tend to visit tea stalls and local restaurants during their tea-break and launch hours. The virus contamination can happen through food, utensils and common spaces at the restaurant. It would be wise to carry your food and water from home.

However, if you still want to eat out in a restaurant or tea stall, make sure that your tea cup, or plate or spoons have been properly washed before serving. Preferably, visit tea stalls/ food stores who provide disposable cups/ plates. Besides this, tobacco consumption at public space enhances your risk of virus contraction.

- Smartphone Safety Precautions
In today’s world mobile-phone has become an inseparable part of our life. We can hardly spend an hour without using Smartphone. However, try not to touch your phone without sanitizing your hand. Don’t place your phone over a common surface which has been contacted by other people. You can put your Smartphone in a Ziploc bag while travelling outside home. While you return home, don’t allow your kids to touch the Smartphone before sanitizing it properly.
Social Safety Precautions
- Maintain Social Distance
Try to avoid any place where people are gathering without maintaining at least 3-feet of distance.  You may need to go out of home for emergency purpose. Just like you many other people are roaming outside. Whether you are jogging on the road, or waiting on the bus station, or visiting a bank or shopping at grocery store, try to avoid the crowd.

- Avoid Crowded Places
Plan your daily schedules skillfully, so that you can avoid crowded places. For instance, you can complete your outside task in the early office-hours. Opt for electronic systems to pay your bills instead of standing on lines. It would be safe, if you can buy regular grocery items, food and medicine from online grocery shops, and pharmacies. However, if you still need to visit physical stores, try to visit a less crowded grocery store and do the grocery shopping weekly.

- Avoid Unmasked People
As an individual you are a part of the society. Besides opting for personal safety pre-cautions you need to encourage other people to wear face-masks. However, if some people deny wearing masks you can deny their service too. For instance, don’t ride on a bus, or CNG, or Rickshaw if the driver is not wearing mask. In the same way, don’t buy from a grocery shop, where the grocer is not wearing any face mask.

If you are a shop owner or grocer, ask your customer to put on a face-mask. Furthermore, in your workplace encourage your colleagues and office attendants to wear masks. If possible, you can carry some extra fresh face-masks to offer your friend, colleague, or other people who needs it.

Transport Safety Precautions
- Avoid Rush Hour
The best way to avoid COVID19 contraction is to work from home. However, if you are bound to join office, consult with your authority and try to re-organize your work schedules. Keep in mind that during the rush hours there would be excessive people on the road. Furthermore, there might be scarcity of vehicle in the rush hours. If possible choose office hour when the traffic would be low.      

- Avoid Crowded Public Transport
To secure the health-safety of mass people, our Government has imposed strict rules to main distance in public transport. However, this decision has led to increase the transport fare in one way. In other way, it has become more difficult for people to ride on a transport on time.

Don’t ride on a crowded bus, where the imposed safety rules have been violated. It would be wise if you can manage alternative to public transports. For instance, you can commute some distance by walking. If possible, manage other kind of vehicle, like rickshaw, motorcycle, or CNG until the morbidity of Corona Virus situation comes to an end.

- Precautions in Public Transport
What if, your work place is far away from home? If you have no other choice but to opt for public transport to commute at office, then take proper safety precautions. Try not to touch the handles, seat, window shield or other common spots on the bus. Maintain personal precautions like wearing Mask, face-shield, hand gloves, Goggles, etc. while you travel through any public transport.

Workplace Safety Precautions                   
- Distancing at Workplace
Consult with your authority to re-organize desks at your workplace to maintain distance among the employees and staffs. It would be wise if the work-hours can be divided into several shifts to limit the number of employees per shift. It is recommended to maintain distance while you communicate with colleagues at workplace.

- Cleaning Desk
Wipe your work-desk and other touchable surfaces (like computer keyboard, mouse, headphone, pen drive, etc.) with a piece of clean cloth or tissue before you start working. Try to minimize your exposure to unclean surfaces. For instance, many of us have a common habit of leaning elbows on the work-desk or leaning on the wall while standing or touching the seat-handles while seating, etc. Try to be careful what you touch. 

- Sanitizing Common Places
Proper sanitizing procedure should be maintained at the entrance and reception area of every office, and service station. In the workplace, the commonly touchable spaces like floor space, washroom faucets, lift-buttons, door-knobs, door-handles, AC remote, etc should be sanitized properly from time to time. You and your colleagues can supervise those issues by rotation or consult the authority to engage a person who can carry out these sanitizing procedures in a proper way.


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