How to disinfect your car to prevent coronavirus

02 Jul 2020 17:20, Somoy English Desk
How to disinfect your car to prevent coronavirus
How to disinfect your car to prevent coronavirus

The multidimensional effects of the COVID19 pandemic have affected the lives and livelihoods of numerous people. After the lockdown period, mass people are trying to return to their normal pace of life. Everyday people throng the roads to commute their respective workplaces.

Traveling by a personal or rented vehicle like a car can be a safer option; as the public transports are rarely maintaining social distancing rules. Whether you use a car for you, family members, or rented passengers, you need to disinfect the vehicle properly. Read this article to know how to disinfect your car to prevent COVID19 contraction.

Disinfect Interior and Exterior Parts of Your Car
When you are commuting at your destination by car, pay your attention to virus preventive hygiene measures. Before you start the journey, it is essential to disinfect all the commonly touchable surfaces in your car. The disinfection process must be repeated after the end of your journey, especially when you share the car with other people like relatives, friends, colleagues, or rented passengers.

Parts of Car Interior You Should Disinfect
-          Steering Wheel
-          Steering Column Stalk
-          Gear Stick
-          Hand Break
-          Radio Controls
-          Infotainment Controls
-          Windscreen
-          Wipers
-          Indicators
-          Cruise Control
-          Elbow Rests
-          Seat position Controls

Parts of Car Exterior You Should Disinfect
-          Door Handles
-          Door Frame
-          Luggage Compartment Handle

The disinfection process is mandatory for taxi drivers or CAB drivers who transport multiple passengers every day.

What Should You Use to Disinfect Your Car?

To disinfect the interior and exterior parts of your car, you can apply cleaning products that are already available at your home. You may already know that the alcohol solutions (at least 70 percent) are effective to kill the traces of coronavirus.

Usually, the carmakers and their subcontractors use isopropyl alcohol to clean the surfaces of car. You can also apply this solution to disinfect the commonly touchable interior and exterior surfaces of your car. For added safety, you can wipe down the seat upholstery and other soft surfaces in the car using alcohol; but try not to soak those places.

However, if you are not an expert in automobile cleaning, never apply hydrogen peroxide, as it can damage the surface areas of your adorable car. You should also avoid applying ammonium contained cleaning products on the touch screens of your car.

For any cleaning method, try to use a foam brush or Microfiber cloth. And, carry out the cleaning process gently. Terribly rigorous cleaning with alcohol may discolor the materials and parts of your car.

If you are using the air condition system in your car, make sure you clean the vents properly using the heater duct cleaner. To disinfect the germs and viruses from the air condition unit, it would be ideal to apply any specialized spray for cleaning air condoning and ventilation systems of the car.

Apply Personal Protective Gear

When you are traveling with other passengers, you put yourself at risk of coming into contact with a COVID19 infected person. Therefore, while you transport other persons in your car, wear a facemask. Moreover, you should not allow any passenger to enter your car without wearing a face mask. For precautions, you can carry some additional face masks inside the first aid kit of your car.

Allow Air-Passing in Your Car

To portray the risk of coronavirus contraction while traveling by car, scientists have designed a simple model scenario: riding in the same car for about 72 minutes with a COVID19 infected passenger who has no visible symptoms except simple coughs.

Therefore, to minimize the risk of coronavirus contraction in your car, you need to keep the windows open for 3-inches at least.

How to Use Air Conditioning in Car?

It would be better if you can avoid using the air condition system in your car during the current pandemic situation. If you still want to apply the air conditioning, make sure your car is not in ‘recirculation air mode’. Instead, opt for the mode that allows the inflow of fresh outdoor air. Keep the car-windows slightly open. Besides this, everyone in the car should wear a mask. These precautions must be followed in taxis, CABs, or ride-share vehicles.

Fill Up Fuel Tank Safely

When you take the car to a petrol filling station do not forget the virus precautions. Wear a facemask while contacting with the staff and try to keep the distance. If possible, choose a filling station where COVID19 preventive measures have been followed in a proper way. After paying your bills disinfect your hands immediately. It would be clever to keep your tank full so that you can avoid visiting the petrol station frequently.


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