How to disinfect your smartphone from coronavirus

06 Jul 2020 08:53, Somoy English Desk
How to disinfect your smartphone from coronavirus
How to disinfect your smartphone from coronavirus

According to a new study, scheduled for publication in Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease, mobile phones could be acting as “Trojan horses” for COVID-19. 

However, the authors of the review believe that SARS-Cov-2 is probably present on mobiles and other touch-screen devices of coronavirus sufferers.

The new study says, “Our recommendation is that phones should be decontaminated daily and regularly with either 70% isopropyl or by sanitising with (ultraviolet) devices like PhoneSoap,”.

When you cleaning your phone or tablet could be a tricky matter and you need to be extra careful while cleaning the screen. Follow these steps to clean and disinfect your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet:

Some step to how you can disinfect your phone.

- Make sure your device is unplugged

- First clean your phone with a soft slightly damp lint-free microfibre cloth

- You can also dampen the corner of the cloth to wipe the screen and use the dry corner to remove excess moisture left on the phone/tablet

- Now use a disinfecting wipe to make it germs free after you are done cleaning

- In case you don’t have disinfecting wipes, you can use rubbing alcohol

- Prepare a solution with 70 per cent isopropyl and spray it on to a microfibre cloth. Now gently wipe your smartphone before the solution dries out

After you are done cleaning your phone, there is another way to disinfect your device. You can invest in a UV light sanitizer to kill off the germs present on your phone. Also, while you are at it, do not forget to clean and disinfect your phone’s case.


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