Cultural arena mourns death of Andrew Kishore

07 Jul 2020 09:14, Somoy English Desk
Cultural arena mourns death of Andrew Kishore
Cultural arena mourns death of Andrew Kishore

Known as the ‘King of Playback’ in the Bangladeshi music industry, legendary singer Andrew Kishore passed away on Monday evening and noted celebrities have expressed their grief on social media about his departure.

Shakib Khan, Dhallywood’s most celebrated superstar in recent years who worked with Kishore in most of his movies, wrote on a Facebook post from his verified page: “Bangladesh has just lost another legendary voice, with the death of our ‘King of Playback’ Andrew Kishore. This is such an irreparable damage and loss for the country. Stay blessed wherever you are, the master voice of romantic songs. I am deeply saddened and devastated.”  

Another prominent superstar in Bangladeshi cinema, Omar Sani, spoke in his video tribute: “The King of Playback has departed. I think we won’t see another king in the next century. I have so many memories with him, learned so many things from him. He made many tremendous playback scores for my films. When I went to Singapore and visited him during his first chemotherapy, he said he will come back. Andrew Kishore is an epitome of Bangladesh.”

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Legendary actress Subarna Mostafa wrote, "Goodbye Andrew Kishore, 'The King of Playback'. Rest in peace dada... We will meet again… It is just a matter of time."

Kumar Bishwajit, another legendary playback singer of the country, wrote on his verified Facebook page - “Gifted singers like Andrew Kishore do not come frequently in this world. His departure is just an unimaginable loss for our industry that cannot be repaired ever again. I personally lost not only a colleague but also a brother who cared for me. I sincerely cherish the utmost peace of his soul and deep condolence to his family.”

Eminent singer Tapan Chowdhury wrote in his Facebook post - “Kishore da departed. We share thousands of memories together. Hope you will remain in eternal peace in the afterlife, dada.”

Singer-music composer, Managing Director and CEO of private television channel Gaan Bangla, Taposh wrote on this official page - "If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again... No words can express our love and feelings! Rest in Peace, dearest dada."

Band legend and frontman of ‘Renaissance’, Naquib Khan wrote in his Facebook status: “I am speechless... Extremely shocked.... Andrew Kishore da is no more... Nation lost a wonderful voice... a great singer… R.I.P our beloved Kishore da…”

Celebrated singer Ankhi Alamgir wrote - "So many memories, just so many of them flashing in front of my eyes. Hope you are in a better place Andrew uncle where you will no longer feel any pain. There will be no one like you. You will be remembered forever. Rest In Peace."

Noted film and television directors, actors, music artists, band artists of past and present generations and people from all spheres have been expressing their utmost condolence and sharing fond memories of the legendary singer since receiving the news of his departure.


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