We capture corrupt, but we’re blamed: PM

09 Jul 2020 18:04, Somoy English Desk
We capture corrupt, but we’re blamed: PM
We capture corrupt, but we’re blamed: PM

Narrating her government’s strong stance against corruption and irregularities, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has bemoaned that the military dictators had destroyed the character of people after 1975 by illegally hanging onto power.

“They (military rulers) had taught people how to indulge in corruption, make black money and become loan defaulters only to prolong their illegal power,” he said.

The Prime Minister came up with the remarks while delivering her valedictory speech in the budget session of the 11th parliament on Thursday.

She said her government is taking prompt actions if any news relating to corruption is surfacing. “But some people have been making efforts to brand our government as a corrupt one as we’re capturing the corrupt elements. It’s unfortunate.”

The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said the dragnet against those indulged in corruption and irregularities will continue irrespective of their political affiliation.

“We surely won't tolerate any irregularities. We’ve been trying our best to prevent graft and anomalies. We’re taking actions, no matter who he or she is. The drives against the corruption will continue,” she said.

She made such remarks as several opposition MPs, including deputy leader of the opposition Ghulam Muhammed Quader, drew her attention to corruption and irregularities in various sectors, particularly in health and financial sectors.

The PM said people used to lead life following an ideology and policy in the past, but the military rulers spoiled the character of people to make their power secure.

She said the Awami League government started taking actions against those involved in graft and anomalies since it returned to power irrespective of their political identities.


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