JKG’s Dr Sabrina now ditches husband Arif (Video)

12 Jul 2020 16:41, Somoy English Desk
JKG’s Dr Sabrina now ditches husband Arif (Video)
JKG’s Dr Sabrina now ditches husband Arif

JKG Healthcare’s chairman Dr Sabrina, caught in fake corona report scam, now claims she is no longer the wife of detained Arif Chowdhury.

Earlier, she also denied being the chairman of JKG which provided thousands of fake Covid-19 reports without conducting any test of the collected samples.

"JKG CEO Arif Chowdhury is no longer my husband. We fell apart. I sent him a divorce letter. Two more months are left (for the divorce to take effect),” she said.

Asked as to why she used to go to JKG office or work for it when she divorced its CEO Arif, Sabrina said, “I used to go there just to train the health workers of the health centre.

Meanwhile, police summoned her to the Tejgaon DC office today for interrogation about the JKG scam.

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After primary questioning, she was arrested on charge of the corona test fraudulence. 

Earlier on Saturday, Sabrina claimed that she had earlier informed the Director General of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) about the fraudulence.

Although she claims not to be the chairman of the company, police say her arrested husband Ariful provided detailed information about her involvement in the nefarious act.

JKG Health Care Chairman Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury came to the spotlight as their company’s false corona report scam surfaced.

The CEO of the organisation and Sabrina’s husband Arif Chowdhury and six others were sent to jail on deception charges. But Sabrina still remains out of touch.

She was finally caught on the camera of Somoy News.  Sabrina claimed her innocence and said she was not the chairman of the JKG.

 She said there is no question to be JKG chairman. “Rather it’s a sister concern of the Oval Company. The Oval Group is a privately-owned company and Arifur Rahman is its owner.”

Sabrina used to take part directly in the activities of JKG which cheated people in the name of collecting corona samples and tests those for about three months. At that time, she also gave interviews to various media by introducing herself as the JKG chairman.

Sabrina also denied that she did not help Arif manage different contracts and jobs. “It’s a complete lie. Now let the allegations be proved,” she said.

Police officials said Sabrina has no way of avoiding responsibility for JKG's deception as her husband Arif Chowdhury has admitted her active involvement with the organisation during interrogation.

Meanwhile, Sabrina said she had informed DGHS DG Abul Kalam Azad about JKG's scam.

"I informed the DG and ADG about this," she claimed.

Somoy News could not reach Abul Kalm over phone for his comment over the matter despite repeated attempts.


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