Covid-19 cases might see uptick in winter, say UK scientists

14 Jul 2020 11:15, Somoy English Desk
Covid-19 cases might see uptick in winter, say UK scientists
Covid-19 cases might see uptick in winter, say UK scientists

The coronavirus pandemic could create a perfect storm this week.

In many places, health care systems already struggle in winter; conditions such as asthma, heart attacks and stroke tend to worsen in colder temperatures, and some infectious diseases like influenza spread more easily, reports CNN.

Scientists are warning that countries need to prepare for a potential winter uptick in coronavirus cases that could be more serious than the initial outbreak.

Why winter could see a rise: In cold weather we spend more time indoors in poorly ventilated spaces — exactly the conditions that are likely to make the novel coronavirus spread more easily.

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What's more, coronavirus cases will likely become more challenging to track and trace given Covid-19 symptoms are similar to those of winter respiratory bugs.

Expert forecast: As many as 119,900 people could die of coronavirus in UK hospitals between September 2020 and June 2021, warned the UK's Academy of Medical Sciences.

This projection, which the academy called a "reasonable worst-case scenario," is more than double the 45,000 deaths the UK has experienced so far.

This number does not include potential deaths in care homes, which have accounted for 30% deaths in England.

Coronavirus cases keep surging across the world reaching 13,238,121 as of Tuesday morning.

Besides, the death toll from the deadly virus has reached 575,543 globally, according to Worldometer.

Of the currently infected 4,964,306 patients, 4,905,425 are in mild condition while 58,881 are in serious or critical condition.

So far, 7,698,272 people have made recovery from the disease in different countries.


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