COP25: Climate negotiations extended by one day

14 Dec 2019 14:41, Somoy English Desk
COP25: Climate negotiations extended by one day
COP25: Climate negotiations extended by one day

Scheduled to end on December 13, the COP25 Climate negotiations were extended by one day as representatives of 200 countries failed to reach any decision over issues related to damage, finance and Article 6.

The final meeting of ministers on Saturday evening will ultimately decide the outcome of this climate summit, reports UNB.

The President for the conference, Ms Carolina Schmidt, Minister of Environment of Chile, started the consultation meeting on Thursday evening and listened to the objections countries had on particular issues.

During the meeting that lasted till Saturday morning, it was found out that almost all the countries had their objections on the three main issues of this climate conference, namely Article 6, loss damage and finance.

The President will finalize a draft of decisions reached through consensus at the climate conference after the conclusion of the consultation meeting on Saturday noon. The decisions will be ratified during the minister level on the same day.

If none of the countries raise any objections at the last minute on those decisions, the announcement might be made on the summary of results of this Madrid climate conference.

After talking with the members of Bangladesh delegation, it was learnt that a decision may be reached on loss and damage, the main issue for the affected countries including Bangladesh at the climate summit.

However, the decision will only be on making the Warsaw International Mechanism effective and the developed countries will not take any responsibility for damage due to climate change, members of Bangladesh delegation said.

According to Md Ziaul Haque, Director, Department of Environment and a negotiator of the Bangladesh team, the three main agendas of this climate conference are loss and damage, finance and Article 6.

“Discussions on these issues are continuing till the last moment and ministers have been given the responsibility to reach a consensus. Issues that have not reached any consensus will be transferred to the next climate conference,” he explained.

Md Ziaul Haque feels the biggest achievement of this climate conference will be in the context of loss and damage.

 “We wanted the developed countries to pledge a specific amount of fund for long-term financing. But those countries have not agreed on a specific amount,” he added.


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