Can anyone get coronavirus from sex?

27 Mar 2020 16:01, Somoy English Desk
Can anyone get coronavirus from sex?
Can anyone get coronavirus from sex?

The most common advice people are hearing during the coronavirus outbreak is to stay six feet apart. But in an era of safe physical distancing many are wondering if it’s also possible to have safe sex.

The landscape of dating, love, and sex as many of us know it has been dramatically altered by the coronavirus pandemic and the need to maintain physical distance from others.

Feel free to keep sex on the list of acceptable stay-at-home activities.

If you’re staying at home with your significant other already amid the coronavirus outbreak, having sex doesn’t add any additional risks on top of everyday contact, according to medical experts.

But experts warn that if one of the partners is COVID-19 positive, sex should be avoided. Isolation of the infected person has been advised, and no contact with the uninfected family members and partners is recommended.

Sexual intercourse is not a taboo for uninfected partners locked down inside their homes add experts. In fact, sexual intercourse could help relieve some of the anxiety and stress and bring the couples closer to each other.

As of now, there has been no indication that COVID-19 can be transmitted from one person to another via sexual intercourse. The transmission is known to occur via respiratory droplets, say experts. It can also be transmitted if an uninfected person touches a surface that has been contaminated by respiratory droplets containing the virus. The experts advise that vaginal or anal intercourse does not spread the infection. Still, kissing is a common practice during sex, and the virus may be transmitted from the infected person to the partner via the saliva contaminated with the virus. Transmission via oral sex thus is also a possibility.

“If you live with a regular sexual partner and you don’t have any symptoms, or likely exposure, sex might actually be a really great way to have fun, stay connected and relieve anxiety during this potentially stressful time.


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