Cancelling Bangladesh ministers’ trips to India a strong message: Experts

14 Dec 2019 12:22, Somoy English Desk
Cancelling Bangladesh ministers’ trips to India a strong message: Experts
Cancelling Bangladesh ministers’ trips to India a strong message: Experts

Foreign affairs experts think Bangladesh has sent out a strong message about its discontent over India’s Citizenship Amendment Bill by cancelling the visits of Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen and Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal to the neighbouring country.

They also said Bangladesh’s such position is very positive.

The former diplomats urged India to play a responsible role so that no religious incitement can spread in Bangladesh.

Amid the countrywide demonstration, India's Parliament approved a controversial citizenship bill that grants citizenship to non-Muslim minorities facing persecution from three neighbouring countries, including Bangladesh.

A day after the lower house had approved it, the upper house passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) on Wednesday.

Violent protests against the bill have continued in various regions, especially in the north east states of India. But the attack on the convoy of Bangladesh Assistant High Commission in Guwahati by mobs protesting adoption of the CAB has brought a new dimension to the crisis.

In the wake of the attack, Bangladesh summoned Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Riva Ganguly Das at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Later, the two ministers cancelled their scheduled visits to India.

Munshi Faiz Ahmad, a former ambassador and the chairman of Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS), said, “It’s a move to give our friend India a message. There’s no doubt that our friendship with India is at the highest level, but it can fluctuate. Our friend should realise that everything has its limit, and if you cross the limit, there is a reaction.”

However, former Ambassador Humayun Kabir said it is temporary tension and it will not affect the long-term relations.

He said the Indian authorities tried to establish an allegation against Bangladesh that its citizens are illegally intruding into India.

Humayun Kabir urged the government to remain alert so that India's communal violence cannot affect the country in any way.

He also urged India to demonstrate the attitude of a good neighbour.


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