Lexar Professional 633x 1 TB SD Card Declares Groundbreaking Storage Capacity

09 Dec 2019 10:07, Somoy English Desk
Lexar Professional 633x 1 TB SD Card Declares Groundbreaking Storage Capacity
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Did you ever feel miserable at failing to capture the indescribable beauty of nature because you ran out of storage space? If yes, then don’t miss Lexar’s Professional 633x 1TB SD card. This device is a great boon for the outdoor enthusiasts as well as business photographers, who are currently looking for a high-speed SD card featuring behemoth storage capacity.

It is a quite irritating experience when you need to change the memory card – inside your camera – due to the limitation of space. Stop getting anxious for storage issue! The Lexar 633x SD card is blessed with 1TB storage capacity which is equivalent to 1024 Giga Bytes. Outdoing the ancestor SD cards from the same brand, the latest 633x model appears as a must-have device for outdoor photography and shooting. Owning this high-capacity SD card you can get rid of the risk of draining storage space during lengthy shooting endeavors.

Low speed data transformation is another annoying experience which kills both time and energy. To evade this kind of situations every photographer – whether professional of amateur – dreams to own a memory card offering a brilliant combination of speed and space. Getting Lexar’s 633x SDHC/SDXC card, you can turn this dream into reality.

Unlike the average grade SD cards, Lexar’s 633x model comes with superb speed that can transfer photos and images on the spur of the moment. Rated under Class 10 Speed, this device features UHS-I technology which is capable of transferring data – from the card to laptop/computer – at 95 MB per second at it’s maximum capacity. This SD card’s swift performance would not only hasten the flow of your activities but also save you valuable time.

All the efforts of photographing and video capturing might go in vein, when the image quality is not up-to-the-mark. So it is highly essential to pick the right memory card for your camera featuring the best image quality along with high-end resolution. Feeling this need, Lexar has brought 633x SDHC/SDXC card, which is a nearly a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of memory card technology.

The manufacturer has especially designed this Lexar 633x device for 3D cameras, DSLRs (medium Range), HD camcorders, etc. It is equipped with cutting-edge video features including 3D videos, 4K videos, and 1080 pixel full-HD resolution. What is more? This high-performing memory card is capable of leveraging spectacular images making your outdoor adventures memorable.

So far we have reviewed the features of the Lexar 633x 1 TB SD card, now let’s introduce you with the manufacturing bran. Petro Estakhri and Mike Assar established Lexar in 1996 splitting it from the mother company Cirrus Logic. Headquartered at San Jose in California Lexar has acquired reputation as one of the pioneer USA-based companies who produce digital media products. Lexar won the hearts of millions of tech-loving people worldwide through manufacturing a range of solid state drives, compact flash cards, SD cards, etc. Thanks to these Lexar products for their undeniable contribution behind the advancement of digital media technology. And, the Lexar Professional 633x 1 TB SD Card is bearing this rich legacy.


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