Facebook to remove fake videos, contents

17 Feb 2020 19:00, Somoy English Desk
Facebook to remove fake videos, contents
Facebook to remove fake videos, contents

The Facebook authority promised to remove particular "misleading manipulated media", videos edited or adjust in ways not evident to an average person, which probably would misguide viewers to trust that video subjects said words they did not say; products of artificial intelligence or machine learning that merge, mix, replace, or superimpose content onto a video, creating a fake video that appears to be genuine.

The Facebook new policy does not apply to content that is parody or satire, or videos edited to exclude words or alternative the order of spoken words.

Videos that do not suitable Facebook's criteria for dismissal still may be reviewed by Facebook's independent third-party fact-checkers -- more than 50 partners global that conduct fact-checking in more than 40 languages.

They will "significantly minimize" the News Feed distribution of photos or videos flagged by fact-checkers. Such kind of photos or videos will be neglected if they are leading as an ad. Facebook will warn those who see, share, or have already shared such photos or videos.

Monika Bickert, Facebook's vice president, global policy management, pointed out that "If we simply removed all manipulated videos flagged by fact-checkers as false, the videos would still be available elsewhere on the Internet or social media ecosystem,". He also said that "By leaving them up and labeling them as false, we're providing people with important information and context."

The Facebook fact-checking program does not apply to posts construed as political speech.


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