Five essential tools keep Windows up to date

18 Feb 2020 15:49, Somoy English Desk
Five essential tools keep Windows up to date
Five essential tools keep Windows up to date

Although we talk a lot about the security of Windows, the real picture is a little different. Honestly, it is said that Windows users are more in our country. Regardless of the country, Somoynews English readers are mostly Windows users. That's why some of the essential tools of Windows have been written.

And software updates are related to security issues, so the necessary tools should not be kept unknown.

By the way, let me introduce you to those 5 tools:

1. Updatestar:

Update Star will help you keep all software installed on your computer up to date. This tool will automatically check online databases to notify you which software updates you are getting.

2. Software-up to Date:

This is another free tool that will help you to update your installed software. Its function is much like updating Star's online database by notifying you.

3. Software Update Monitor(SUMO):

This is another wonderful tool in this work. This tool has an online database of more than 5 Windows software. With this tool, you can expect to receive updates on some rare software as well.

4. App Manager:

The App Manager will first scan your entire system and create a Toolkit and version information installed on your system, and then send the report to for updated checking. And if an update is released you will see the option to download it in your browser. That update will never be automatically downloaded.

5. Personal Software Inspector:

This tool detects the vulnerable spots on your system's installed tool and loads the required patches in that case. It also has a database of 4000 tools.


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