How much secure your online data?

20 Feb 2020 14:00, Somoy English Desk
How much secure your online data?
How much secure your online data

Nowadays privacy and trust are at the top of the customer's minds. And they simply continue to grow. How do you protect your privacy as a person and an employee? In order to continue your theme of data privacy, we're changing it and moving it from business impact to the impact it can have for you as a person.

In the US and 5 European countries, 8000 customer reviews showed that over 86% of US consumers across the generation agreed that they needed to be more careful about sharing personal data online. How do you accomplish this?

Here are some tips for you...

Find the Privacy Policy

Before submitting your name, email address or other personal information to a site, look for a policy that describes how the information will be used and whether that information is distributed to another company. If you don't think you should be looking for a privacy policy, you should either contact the company or look for alternative business for your needs.

How do you know if your data is encrypted?

To ensure that attackers can't steal your personal information, submitting an online form requesting personal information should always be encrypted. But how do you want to say? Many sites use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Look for the small icon in a lock at the top right of the window.

Extra tips for data protection

1. Do business with trusted companies.

2. Don't use your primary email address when submitting online.

3. Avoid submitting credit card information online.

4. Simply use a specific credit card to make an online purchase.

5. Avoid using debit cards for online purchases.

6. Limit the disclosure of personal information.


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