The Iconic Motorola Razr Returns: Revamped & Reinvented

07 Dec 2019 17:35, Somoy English Desk
The Iconic Motorola Razr Returns: Revamped & Reinvented
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Renowned mobile manufacturer Motorola announced the latest version of their iconic ‘Motorola Razr’ on 13th November 2019. Motorola has successfully redesigned Razr keeping the ultra-slim design of the original Razr V3 series. Certainly, the new ‘Razr’ smartphone is gonna be a kick for the folding phone lovers. Let’s see what the revamped Razr offers, reports UNB.

Key Features of Motorola Razr:

Motorola has revamped the new Razr with latest trend of style and technologies.  The new Motorola Razr comes with some exciting features. However, it has some unimpressive features too.

  • Appearance:

Critics say Motorola emphasizes the appearance of their phones over technical specifications. The new Razr smartphone is going to shake the world with its fabulous look, and trendy style. Its curved lines, bottom chin, hinge position, and thickness (folding mode) will make you nostalgic about Motorola’s folding flip phone Razr V3 available back in 2000s. The new Razr comes in elegant Noir Black color.

  • Folded Design:

Do you miss the pleasure of folding out the phone and then folding it back again? Resurrection of this mini sized folding smartphone would quench your thirst. Motorola Razr comes with a folding design supported by sturdy hinge allowing you to fold out and in the phone comfortably just like old Razor.

What is more? The new Razr steals the show by virtue of its crease-less display.  Motorola Razr beats Samsung’s Galaxy Fold with its improved folding screen. You would love its ceaseless smooth display with no discernible bend in the unfolded state.

  • Display & Resolution:

Motorola Razr smartphone’s main display features 6.2-inch long foldable style. This Flex View screen is blessed with pOLED display. You can enjoy games and videos on Razr’s superb HD resolution (2142 x 876 pixels). Furthermore, its 21:9 Cinemavision would make your movie time much more enjoyable.

Now turning on the external display, its quick view appears with a 2.7-inch long screen. This gOLED display features resolution of 600 x 800 pixels with an aspect ratio of 4:3. The outer display is covered with glass instead of plastic, which makes the new Motorola Razr look more elegant.

  • Minimal Size:

With the increase of features, the average size of Smartphones is getting bigger day by day. It is quite irritating for those, who love to keep smartphone in the pocket, as the fashion-trend is not increasing the size of pockets at the same pace.

Weighing about 205g, the smaller size of Motorola Razr makes it highly portable, easy-to-carry and user-friendly. In folded state Razr appears at 72 by 94 by 14mm. Its dimensions are 72 by 172 by 6.9mm in unfolded state. However, size doesn’t matter offering features. Motorola has decreased the size of its new Razr without compromising on its technical features.

  • Battery Power:

The new Razr comes with 2510 mAh, non-removable battery which is even shorter than Google’s Pixel 4 Smartphone’s battery (2800 mAh). When the competitor smartphones are racing to provide the most powerful battery, Razr falls back in this race. The new Razr’s short battery power would certainly dishearten the Motorola fans! The Razr kit includes a 15-Watt TurboPower charger. However, Razr has no option for wireless charging.

  • Camera Features:

Razr’s main Camera is equipped with 16 Megapixels lens. It offers some handy features like Dual Pixel autofocus, dual LED flash, Laser autofocus, and Color Correlated Temperature. You capture MPEG4 Video using the main camera. The hardware of internal Camera features 5 Megapixels lens. It has screen flash option.

Not to mention, comparing to its price tag, Razr’s Camera features might disappoint you. While its competitor smartphone Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro has made century in megapixels, new Razr’s mediocre cameras push it down in the category of average phones. Therefore, Razr may not be a good choice for smartphone photography.

  • Speed & Performance

The new Motorola Razr runs with Android™ 9 Pie Operating System, which would certainly fall behind the smartphones using latest Android 10 Go Pro OS. Razr’s massive Internal Storage (128 GB) coupled with advanced Memory (6 GB RAM) would allow you to store lots of files, documents, movies, videos and games.

However, Razr loses point for its main Processor featuring octa-core 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chip. This processor might drown the battery power. Razr’s would have performed better with the latest Snapdragon 855 processor.

  • Sensors & Security Options:

Motorola Razr is equipped with a bunch of high-end sensors, including Fingerprint reader, Proximity, Accelerometer, GPS, Compass/Magnetometer, Ultrasonics, Ambient Light, and Gyro. Thanks to manufacturer for providing Splash-proof Nano coating in the new Razr which makes it water resistant. 

  • Connectivity:

This Motorola Razr smartphone doesn’t offer any space for additional SIM cards or memory expansion, as it runs on eSim. The Connectivity mechanism includes LTE, MTS, DMA, and GSM. It has a reversible connector featuring USB 3.0 Type C. It also has Bluetooth® 5.0 Technology, NFC, and Wi-Fi.

Moreover, Razr offers location services, like GPS, GLONASS LTEPP, SUPL, and AGPS. For audio, this smartphone has a bottom-ported speaker along with 4 mics Microphones. But it lacks any FM Radio, which may disappoint many people.

Bottom Line:

On the whole, the New Motorola Razr is going to overwhelm the world with its smart display with no visible fold, strong hinged folding framework, compact design, and stylish look. However, Razr’s weak points stand on the limited battery power and ordinary camera features. You can pre-order this $1500 smartphone from 26th December. It is expected that Motorola Razr would be available on the market in January 2020.


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