NRC, CAB won’t be implemented in Bengal

14 Dec 2019 13:38, Somoy English Desk
NRC, CAB won’t be implemented in Bengal
NRC, CAB won’t be implemented in Bengal

In the wake of huge criticism of India’s National Register of Citizens (NRC) and Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called for a mass movement against the two controversial moves by the central government.

Mamata announced a four-day programme in protest against the NRC and CAB.

The Trinamool Congress chief will take out protest rallies in the state, including Kolkata, from Sunday to Wednesday. 

Meanwhile, in a video message on her verified Facebook page, Mamata on Saturday said neither the Citizenship (Amendment) law nor the National Register of Citizens will be implanted in Bengal.

“I request you all not to create misunderstanding. Don’t spread tension and pay heed to provocation. Everyone stay calm as CAB won’t be implanted in Bengal. The NRC will also not be effective here,” she said in her video message.

She said as her party is in the power of the state, the central government will not be able to enforce the law without its help. 

“No CAB, no NRC. Passing the law does not mean anything. Implementation will be up to the state government. Our government is here and we’ve already told the central government that we won’t enforce it.”

She, however, urged people not to block roads and take the law into their own hands


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