New Mexico drags Google to court over spy claim

24 Feb 2020 13:10, Somoy English Desk
New Mexico drags Google to court over spy claim
New Mexico drags Google to court over spy claim

Attorney General of the US of New Mexico is suing Google, accusing the company of illegally collecting personal information on school children.

The tech giant is accused to have collected data on which websites students visited, passwords, videos watched, contact lists, and other information.

The data was accused stored from Google's Chromebook laptops and G Suite for Education program.

Google debate the demand, with a spokesman calling it "factually wrong".Google Chromebooks and the G Suite for Education - including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and more - according to the lawsuit, more than 60% of students in New Mexico are being offered free of charge. Attorney General Hector Balderas says Google failed to obtain parental consent from children under the age of 13 in violation of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and collected their data for commercial purposes.

Mr Balderas said in a statement, "Student protection should be the number one priority of any company providing services to our children, particularly in schools." "Tracking student data without parental permission is not only unlawful, it is unsafe." According to KRQU News in Albuquerque, he also added: "Google should be revealing parents that they're going to collect information and track these children, and under the pretense of education." The lawsuit states that more than 80 million teachers and students in the United States use Google's education platform and tools.

Jose Castaneda, a Google spokeswoman, said their program "allows schools to control account access and that schools accept parental consent when needed". The statement also added, "We do not use personal information from users in primary and secondary schools to target ads." US media have said they contacted school districts across the state to assure them there was no immediate warning to continue using Google products, the attorney general said.

Source: BBC News


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