Shop within 2 kms of your residences, DMP asks city dwellers

08 May 2020 08:29, Somoy English Desk
Shop within 2 kms of your residences, DMP asks city dwellers
Shop within 2 kms of your residences, DMP asks city dwellers

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has asked city dwellers to do their Eid shopping from markets located within two kms of their respective residences after maintaining the certain timetable and hygiene.

Besides, rickshaws and auto-rickshaws will be available in a limited number for travelling to and from shopping malls. However, more than two passengers are discouraged to travel in a three-wheeler and every passenger and driver will wear masks.

Shopping malls and shops can be kept open from 10am to 4pm as per the schedule announced by the government. However, hawkers, peddlers and temporary shops will not be allowed on the sidewalks or in public places.

The DMP issued 14 directives on Thursday to keep shopping malls and markets open in areas under it, said DMP Deputy Commissioner (media) Masudur Rahman.

To confirm the area of residence, each buyer will carry his/her identity card (for example, personal ID card or passport or driving license or original copy of utility bills etc) and show it at the entrance of shopping malls and markets, he said.

Automatic disinfection tunnels or chambers have to be installed at the entrance of every shopping mall and thermal scanners should be provided to measure the temperature of people. In addition, each store must have a separate temperature measurement system.

Access to each shopping mall requires adherence to health regulations announced by the Health and Family Welfare Ministry, including the use of hand sanitisers. No buyer can enter the store without wearing mask. All vendors and store employees must wear masks and hand gloves.

 Every shopping mall and storefront must have banners with warning – ‘if you don't follow health rules, there is a risk of death’.

Buyers and sellers have to maintain a distance of at least three feet during entry, exit and shopping at each shopping mall. Customers will be allowed to enter the store only by maintaining safe distance.

Each shop must draw lines to help customers maintain social distancing.

Children, elderly and sick people must be discouraged from going to shopping malls.

Unnecessary gatherings or crowds cannot be created in the market. People must leave after they are done. Shopping malls have to be marked with separate entrances and exits.

The parking lot of every shopping mall must have disinfection system. It is also important to ensure that drivers do not hang out together, and stay in their respective vehicles.
DMP sought full cooperation of the city dwellers in this regard.


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