Shops, shopping malls to open May 10

05 May 2020 13:19, Somoy English Desk
Shops, shopping malls to open May 10
Shops, shopping malls to open May 10

The government has decided to allow keeping shops and shopping malls open till 4pm every from 10 May maintaining health guidelines considering Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr.

The Cabinet Division issued a gazette notification in this regard on Monday, saying various emergency services will be out of the purview of this decision.

Shops will be allowed to remain open to do business on a limited scale from 10 am to 4 pm from May 10. But all have to maintain safe distance and follow health guidelines during buying and selling. Big shopping malls will have to make arrangements for hand washing at their entrances and disinfecting vehicles entering the malls, the directives said.

The government has extended the general holidays from May 7 until May 16 in a bid to tackle the worsening coronavirus situation in the country.

The gazette notification said May 6 will be considered as public holiday for Buddha Purnima while May 8 and 9 and May 15 and 16 will be included in the general holidays as weekly holidays.

Vehicles and workers employed in various emergency services, including electricity, water, gas, energy, fire services, land, river and seaports, telephone and internet, and post offices, will be out of the purview of the holidays. Besides, goods-laden vehicles and cargo vessels will be allowed to ply as usual.

Those who are engaged in processing of agricultural products, insecticides, foods, industrial goods, kitchen markets and pharmacies will remain out of the restriction, said the Cabinet Division in its directives.

Physicians, health workers, vehicles transporting medicines and other medical equipment, and media workers will remain out of the purview of the holidays.


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