Show Entertainment Biz offers workshops on sound, music

05 Jun 2020 08:31, Somoy English Desk
Show Entertainment Biz offers workshops on sound, music
Show Entertainment Biz offers workshops on sound, music

Media public relations company Show Entertainment Biz has announced to host a series of professional workshops on lyric writing, photography, electro dance music, sound engineering, and music marketing.

“Some of these courses are not available at any school or college or even universities. But they have global demands,” the company said in a statement.

Certificates will be given after successful completion of the professional courses. The main idea is “learn fun and earn”, Show Entertainment said.

Next week, the company plans to host a ‘Seminar on Sound Engineering’ where musicians will appear as guests. Sound engineer Shamim Ahmed, a colleague of Bangladeshi legend Ayub Bacchu, will host the seminar, the company said.

The participants will talk about the music industry, sound design, sound engineering schooling and many more topics. The live show will provide an opportunity for musicians, fans, recording studios and event organisers to share their problems.

Show Entertainment Biz said they will help rising musicians perform during their live session every Thursday.

Anyone can join the workshops by simply registering from the event link of the company’s Facebook page.

The Business Star is the media partner of the programmes.


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