Your Facebook profile can be used as your CV

23 Feb 2020 19:40, Somoy English Desk
Your Facebook profile can be used as your CV
Your Facebook profile can be used as your CV

When using Facebook, everyone has to listen to more or fewer parents' nonsense. Because everyone thinks that using Facebook means a waste of time.

In the age of information technology, you will benefit from the way you use social media. Even your Facebook profile can be your job's biodata.

The first thing to do when looking for a job is to make a good CV. It attracts and encourages you to the employer. You can also arrange with carefully your own profile on social media.

Currently, many corporate organizations offer job follow-up on their Facebook page. In that case, they conducted a preliminary investigation on Facebook. For that, your profile must first be set up.

Here are the things you need to follow to set up your Facebook profile:

1. Use your real name on your Facebook profile.

2. Just as important is biodata in the job application, the Facebook profile also important as job application through Facebook. So, don't put in any 'humorous or offensive' picture in your profile.

3. Use as much information as you need to keep your educational qualification information. If you have any work experience, add a 'bio' or 'about' section.

4. If there is any special qualification, mention it in bio. For example, writing, singing, dancing, etc.

5. Keep your profile from promoting religious extremists, spreading political violence, spreading communal hatred, etc. In addition, it's better to don't use self-promotion.

6. Increase communication through Facebook. In the future, connect with the person associated with the organization you want to move or work.


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